The Zigzag Flow by Chiho Yoshikawa

This work is a combination of a view of a cluster of trees along a river with what I was feeling when I was producing this painting. My emotional expeience was so powerful that it made look more of abstract painting. Original artwork, available for sale

Title of work

The Zigzag Flow

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

20″ x 16″

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

Acrylic on Canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


5 Comments on “The Zigzag Flow by Chiho Yoshikawa”

  1. This work brings to mind the rythm of nature like a pool in a stream filled with fingerling fish weaving through one another in a moving mass. The wonderful color variations accent the rythm yet the entire work inspires a meditative mood.

    • Thank you for your comment on my artwork. I am glad that you enjoyed looking at my work while creating your own interpretation of the work.

  2. Happy and energetic mood reflected in the active and playful brush strokes, executed with many vibrant colors waving and wavering on the surface of the canvas to keep the viewer wondering! Had you added some sparkles of the water on the top, would have added more depth.

  3. This painting is well done with a uniformity of texture that is very appealing. I really like the tones that shift gently from the bottom to the top of the art work. The colors are exuberant and contribute to the overall movement in this art work! It also feels very accessible. The viewer can move right into the art work with no obstructions. “Thought expressed as an abstraction” is our theme and I believe this represents that! Well done and thank you for your submission.

  4. A lively flow of colours & movement like banners flapping to the wind; It’s all in the touch giving a feeling for spontaneity. The whole is balanced between deep blue & bright red values. It conveys a very joyful feeling..Would be glad to see more from you

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