This is the latest from my installation series entitled Incision which features a collection of different media. My fascination with chili stems from childhood,growing up and smelling the calming aroma amidst the exotic and exuberant chaos of the land I once knew.. This is a representation of the past and the present, all intertwined to create a juxtaposition that explores the ambiguities of my day to day existence.

4 Comments on “Incision”

  1. “Thank you Nectar for sharing with us your fascination of chili. I like the idea of having the image from one side to the other using the full space, probably symbolizing the continuation of past to present!. Such long life and exotic exuberant chaos carrying past with present, I would expect to see warmer and deeper colors to express such personal intimacy to the chili. The colors could have been light or fading, on one side presenting past and go to darker toward the side presenting the present as a way of confirmation to the presence and existence, in order to make it more outstanding and eye catching. The position of the chili could have been lower or higher, Away from the center, to create the dramatic look! Only my suggestion with best wishes.’

  2. A lovely still-life or a modern vanity; I would rather see a reflection upon time fading than a relevancy to the theme. Vivid red turned to pale orange, green to greyish blue & the paper itself gone creamy like in old photographs exposed to light for too long. The harmony of tones is delicate & the line pleasant.
    If I do appreciate the focus brought up by isolation, the subject seems a bit lost amidst the field; Maybe it would have gain some presence within a different format.

  3. The palcement of the subject is interesting but taking it a little more off center along with a little more contrast would highten the impact. It might also be interesting to experiment with different solid colors for the background. There is a definate appeal with this piece and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Hello Nectar, Thank you for your submission to the monthly art exhibition. I find this art work very delicate with the soft colors and edges that blur. The texture is interesting as well. I really appreciate your artist statement and I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely Laara WilliamSen

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