Milky Way

Driving through the Jordan Valley towards the Sea of Galilee can be the best way to view the sky, there’s hardly any light pollution, the full moon is deep orange; you can wish upon shooting stars and see the Milky Way. As the sun moved to the corner of the sky – enormous clouds sent away any chance of seeing stars at all. The Milky Way poured in big drops of rain.
The inner space is the refuge of the car (with reflection of a sticker on the dashboard) and the outer is what’s on the other side of the glass. Space is the gap between what I see and what I think I see. Space is a doubt. (Oil on canvas)

4 Comments on “Milky Way”

  1. I love the description of this painting that took me to the car as if was driving at that time. I like the classic colors with such nice feelings in the painting. However, having read the description, I would have imagined deeper colors to see in the painting! It would have helped you if you applied several layers of oil paint on the canvas to have a better quality work. Only suggestion for improvement. Wish you much success and I see you have a good future waiting for you.

  2. You have an excellent eye for atmospheric perspective. This and your use of an atmosphere of mellow eavening light puts me at the scene through my imagination. Your treatment of the sky implies the feeling of movement of the storm and accents the natural rythm of the land while your complimentary colors bring balance to the composition. Interesting how you were able to portray how there is a sense of the vehicle moving.

  3. Vered, you got a true science to put the viewer right into reality. We already knew your photographic sceneries but here we go for a road movie in cinemascope! The endless perspective of the road & the tormented sky whose dramatic light effects are perfectly rendered add to the solitary feeling; There’s Hopper haunting somewhere.
    The raindrops on the car screen is a simple & efficient artifact to enclose the viewer in the car space protected from the wild by suggestion effect; So you expressed perfectly the theme.
    Mona is right; You got your style & you master it..

  4. Hello Vered Terry. Your composition is very strong. The balance is good with the three trees on the right side of the canvas and your color mixing is excellent. I can see that you kept your palette predominately to yellow and purple which in itself is a push-pull dynamic combination. Our eye is directed by your use of Rhythm out to the end of the highway and so the viewer receives a sense of mystery – where does the road go! Congratulations on this painting and I wish you much continued success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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