Founder of Globalization ICAS – Sunil P. Vilas

Founder, Artists Agent and Creative Art Director

ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

1984 – Present (over 38 years)

My involvement in the Art industry is to develop a broader view and increase the demand for International arts, as established through our online website and showcase in our gallery based in Letchworth Garden City, UK. The gallery brings together the finest collection of Art with its regularly changing exhibitions of International arts and sculpture by established renowned British and International artists and new emerging talented artists, recognising the need for more Modern masters’ of today. We are agents and representatives of International artists included in our ICAS portfolio of gallery artists. With over 35 years of experience in the creative art Industry and with links around the globe, we can assist art collectors, Museums, Fine art Dealers, and Corporate & private buyers with their requirements for International arts or commission enquiry. Visit our website for more updates and the latest information. Click our link @
Telephone (01462) 677455
International 00 +44 1462 677455


An article in the Venue art magazine 2020.
”Sunil is an inspiration, a voice of peace and a mentor. His ability to create a synergistic environment in groups which are multicultural and diverse in every way is an inspiration and unexpected joy. Sunil is a leader, creator, inspiration, motivator, and I am glad to say, friend”. – Johnny Johnston


An evening celebrating at the HOUSE OF LORDS with British Sculptor (in the centre left) JOHN W. MILLS PPRBS.., ARCA.., FRSA.  His major works include National works in prominent cities – three monuments in London, “Tribute to William Blake” in 1989, Blake house. The second national monument, the “Blitz”, was completed in 1991 in front of St. Paul Cathedral and the monument to the Women of World War II at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, UK, in 2005.

On the Left are Philip and Julie Brunton. In the centre right LORD JULIAN ALEXANDER KITCHENER-FELLOWES English Actor, Novelist, Film Director & Screenwriter ( The Creator of DOWNTON ABBEY, GOSFORD PARK) and (on the right) Jagruti S. Vilas & Sunil P. Vilas Founder & MD  ICAS – Vilas Fine Art.

Dinner at House of Lords copy

Centre John W. Mills Lord Julian Kitchener-Fellowes right Sunil Vilas

(IPCCL) Inner Peace Centre for Conscious Living


cheque presentation 5th Sept 2014

2014 cheque Presentation by Trustees of IPCCL to the Charity GARDEN HOUSE HOSPICE

Co-Founder and Trustee

2010 – Present

A not-for-profit education charity based in Letchworth Garden City. The aims and objectives are for education purposes, to deliver Well-being programs and services for individuals, including special need groups and organisations, through regular workshops, classes and seminars., For the last five years, jointly worked with other partners to organise fundraising for the Garden House hospices to date, raised a total of £49,500

Wellbeing and Healthspan Organisation Ltd (WHO Ltd)

Director / Trustee

February 2011 – Present

Promote Peace and Well-being… To help stay healthier for longer through restorative Yoga, mindful meditation, nutrition, complementary therapies and integrative medicine

WHO limited is the trading company for IPCCL(Inner Peace Centre for Conscious Living)

Afternoon Tea Delights presentation 2015

2015 cheque presentation by the Trustees of IPCCL to Directors of GARDEN HOUSE HOSPICE


Globalization ICAS (International Contemporary Art and Sculpture)

Founded the organisation and established on 19th August 2012

GLOBALIZATIONICASLOGO2Globalization ICAS (International Contemporary Art & Sculpture)
Online website
International Creative Networking group – A diverse group of creative minds aims to develop a platform to work together with all artists, galleries, museums, consultants, curators, art organisations, critics, editors, art collectors and sponsors for a common goal to create A Global Vision for the Arts. New members, Welcome. For more information:-

our Facebook

GICAS LOGO for Art Peace and Healing

New project March 2014 – Global Art for PEACE AND HEALING, new members are welcome to visit

Additional Organizations

Networking with organisations directly involved with Charities, Health & well-being, Body Balance, the Peace Movement, Creative development, art collection, private art collection, corporate art collection, public art, National art projects, funding and sponsoring arts

North Hert Pragati Samaj


1989 – 2005

Voluntary community organisation aimed at raising awareness of Asian culture through running regular social, cultural, drama, musical, and dance programmes


Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation


December 1995 – until 2013 (happily served a total of 18 years as one of the active members)

From 1995 – September 2013, worked on numerous projects covering arts & cultural, educational, Health & Wellbeing & charities programmes and ongoing projects for long-term Vision of The World’s First Garden City development of the ART & CULTURE VISION ..,

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