Time of Fear

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Pablo Hernandez •

“Time of Fear”

We live in times of fear
where fear reigns
and conceit, commands our cities:

-Fear of losing work
-Fear of being cheated and even violated
-Fear of losing our loved one, or to be alone
-Fear of having and losing everything we have
-Fear of life
-Fear of death, as the economic situation worsens

And so scared of life
we hope, comfortably seated
the “Screen” TV talks us
about the next terrorist attack
then, fearful
trying to calm our anguish
with of alcohol
and live this IS life …

In the absence of creativity

Pablo Hernandez • Differences!

Exalting distances
and increasing differences
even more

we try to intend
to be champions of “our reason”
and point a finger
those who believe
they have the real one

What a coincidence!

They are also trying to ..
do exactly
the same we do

Pablo Hernandez  • Diferencias
Exaltando distancias
y acrecentando las diferencias

abanderados de “nuestra razon”
señalar con un dedo
no la tienen!
Que gran casualidad!

..ellostambien estan intentando
hacer exactamente
lo mism

Herminia Haro

Herminia Haro • I want to share with you friends my recipe to get the fears away from me, it’s very simple : just living one day at a time, we can’t do anything to change the past, so let’s let it in its place (the past) and we don’t know what is coming in the future, so why anticipate worries. I’m not saying it’s always easy but if we choose live a fullest life day by day trying to do our best in everything we do we’ll live a happier life.

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • Herminia, I like your recipe.

vered terry

Vered terry • Herminia, you are all made out of love. i love you

Ruth Edward Anderson

Ruth Edward Anderson • Vered You are so loving and wonderful. I love you for the good person you are and for how you are always willing to give love to each of us.

Ruth Edward Anderson 

Ruth Edward Anderson • Herminia You have an excellent receipe for living life!

Ranjan Munshi

Ranjan Munshi • Pablo; Ruth; Peter; Sunil; Herminia
Is Fear a natural instinct or a learned response? Let us start at that premise.
Psychologists say Fear is natural’ agreed; take example of new born and his/ her reaction to falling down; little advance age; someone screaming loudly and a child or adult start running; so Fear is a quick response to save our selves from what is happening or will happen? ( imaginary Situation) So between two points we exist; To live and To protect our lives.
Having said so; imagine everything else where Fear comes in like a cat entering with caution; ; really how much our imaginary world influence our day to day behavior.
Now, the same imagination ; if we convert to Creativity; say converting Fear response to Healthy response; the result is different.

How do we live our lives is a matter of challenge. Life is a constant learning; let us be a good Learner and fear vanishes.Creativity is free from Fear; it is a positive impulse and energy; we live with it and enrich.

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • Agree Ranjan, fear is instinctual and thereby inherent in humans and animals. As humans we are blessed with intuition the creative aspect of being which allows us to move beyond instinctual reaction and make choices based on a faith in a link to the power of creation that allows us to function beyond fear in an environment of mind that we create for ourselves. Thank you for your comment Ranjan

Mercè Pla • Fear, anguish, pain, are human feelings.
Art, as a free expression, we can help channel those feelings.
In the world there are many situations that we generate these feelings. There are times that you can feel the distress of people suffering. The feel as if it were your only and need to be able to verbalize the release.
Sometimes this fear or anxiety, mixed with pain and personal situations can become art therapy.

Pablo Hernandez

Pablo Hernandez • Agree Ranjan, fear is instinctual but we, humans transform this instinct to in a “FEELING”,out as humans intuition and disagree with you creativity can be affected by this fear because creativity is PASSION and passion, is neither positive nor negative the passion is and always will be TOTAL manifested through truth and honesty and creativity also manifests through the passion “Total being: joy, sadness; fear, courage; love, hate; etc. ….

Pablo Hernandez

Pablo Hernandez • Agree Ranjan, fear is instinctual but we, humans transform this instinct to in a “FEELING”,out as humans intuition.
….and I disagree with you, because creativity can be affected by this fear!

Creativity came from PASSION and PASSION, is neither positive nor negative, PASSION is and always will be TOTAL manifested by truth and honesty.

So creativity manifests through the passion as a “Total”, can be expressed by any human feeling: joy, sadness; fear, courage; love, hate; etc. ….

Ruth Edward Anderson

Ruth Edward Anderson • Wow how many comments around fear and all of them are excellent, all of them are truthful. We all react to every emotion in a different way.
I don’t have a lot of fear of anything. I lived most of my life in NYC & I always felt safe! I was not fearful riding the subway/underground late at night. I wasn’t fearful walking home late at night. I wasn’t fearful about visiting my girlfriend who lived in Harlem, even though everyone warned me that something bad would happen. Nothing bad ever happened. I smiled and people smiled back at me, helped me the first time because I got lost. I smiled at everyone & started conversations. I was accepted. Sometimes people or one person would walk with me from the subway to my girlfriends building. I would leave late at night & take either the bus or the subway home & I felt no fear. Often a couple of large men would come & escort me to the subway & wait with me till I got on the car.

Sometimes it’s how you present yourself. I was open, friendly, happy. I smiled at everyone, I talked to people because I truly like all people. I was accepted & they got to know me. People respond to happiness, confidence, happiness & Love.

I also practiced good sense everywhere I went by walking on the well lite, busy street. By hailing a cab if I saw a bad situation, Or going into a store if I thought there was a situation I needed to avoid. I never put on flashy jewelry, I never carried a handbad …. just a small little purse that held my tokens, a small amt of money & 1 credit card. I kept my keys in a pocket. I always had a token in a pocket. If you are prepared you feel confident & eliminate fear. If someone is looking for a victim they will pick on the person filled with FEAR not the one who is smiling, confident, strong and not afraid.

I put all of this into my art.

Herminia Haro

Herminia Haro • Vered, I love you too!. Peter, Ruth, it’s nice to hear from you. Ranjan, I agree with you. Fear is a natural instintc. The challenge is how to handle it. I think fear is the emotion most difficult to control, it can paralize us and Art is certainly as Mercé said a way to channel it.



Sunil Vilas • Good morning to you all, welcome back to Ranjan lovely to have you back.

What a wonderful topic on Fear we covering in our creative lounge. The main purpose with fear is how we coexist as we always confronted with choices and the decisions we make unable us to evolve and learn from our experiences. The moment during the time of our fears changes as we think of our solution to the problem at hand. This is birth of energy begins the process of our creative energy and it manifest into different forms..,

I would like to share a poem by Rabindranath Tagore (1861 – 1941)


Mind Without Fear

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;

Where knowledge is free;

Where the world has not been broken up

into fragments by narrow domestic walls;

Where words come out from the depth of truth;

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;

Where the clear stream of reason

has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;

Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action—

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

Rabindranath Tagore

Didier Dubuy 

Didier Dubuy • Beautiful poem..Bonjour Sunil !

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • Thank you Sunil, After reading the poem I have to see more from this man, His optimism speaks a universal truth. I also found this quote among many beautiful thoughts.
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
Rabindranath Tagore

Ranjan Munshi

Ranjan Munshi • Rabindranath Tagore was a poetic Genius; a Poet Laurette; His Oneness with the Nature & Divine Inspiration was a Great Spirit that played a very silent revolution in the minds of the Indian people who were fighting to make their Country free. He got a Nobel Prize for his one of the Best work “GITANJALI.”
He was true incarnation of Artist ; He is always there where I sit and Work Or Create; Find Solution or Do My Meditation.. His white Beard mildly ruffles with poetic words floating in the air and turning into breeze carrying Message Of Love; Divinity and Peace;
“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;”
He was a Painter ; his sketches are wonderful; Humane; He wrote Plays and Performed.’ He established Shantiniketan University that taught children under the shadow of trees. Shantiniketan produced innumerable Painters; poets and great thinkers…

Ranjan Munshi

Ranjan Munshi • Ruth, you gave us a new message about Fear. My heart was full of praise for your Self Esteem & Confidence; simplicity and winning people with smile; the best friend of everybody that breaks the barrier of strangeness and uncertainty. Fear is driven away if we are conscious; Positive and social; Loneliness breeds fear; Meditation helps to overcome it; as thoughts play very positive role in removing fear.
Then; Art is a wonderful Therapy; I fully endorse

Dave J Barton-Allan

Dave J Barton-Allan • Fear is a healthy emotive feeling that saves us from harming ourselves in most cases, to be panic stricken or frozen with fear is not healthy but part of the fight or flight process which has hung and leaves us vulnerable, at these moments people find need of comfort from higher beings, close freinds or family. Or to face their fear, I have often told my kids that there is nothing to fear, except fear itself… but I find as I grow older some fears gnaw at our spirit and hide in our subconcious and make us ill with worry.

for me art helps me address and contemplate alternatives to certain problems and as a last resort occuppies my mind when worry is at the door it is not a cure but it certainly helps. Colour and expression are very therapputic and focusing on these things can be a way to find your way back from dark places

I am not sure I agree that loneliness breeds fear, but is more a symptom of being frightened of being alone, deep meditation is one of the most alone places a person can reach, to find oneness is to centre ones self on the inner being and then stretching out with all your senses to be at one with the universe , by calming the turmoil within we look for order in the chaos within and without the self.

Herminia Haro

Herminia Haro • Thank you so much Sunil and Ranjan for letting us know more about Tagore. Reading him can be a therapy too. I find your comments a pleasure to the mind.

vered terry

Vered terry • Even the tightest fist was once an outstretched hand with fingers
(a line from Yehuda Amichai’s poem, I hope I translated it right),
True, remembering the oneness we can fear no more. I feel very much connected to nature, to air, to clouds, trees, thistles, flowers, animals including insects, only with human beings – I ‘m still hesitant, I’m afraid of people in general, being a member in this group heals a lot of doubts. I want my hands to open as hearts do, as flowers do, as hands should.

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