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WELCOME TO ART FOR PEACE AND HEALING. We are proud to showcase our current monthly Collection by our GICAS members around the World…, OUR AIMS ARE TO LOOK FOR NEW CHALLENGES.., NEW IDEAS.., NEW GOALS for our ARTs. We welcome new members to join us!
If you enjoy the visit today, please share the experience with families and friends.., we’ll see you soon..,

An introduction to our global Art for PEACE AND HEALING.

In July 2013 we began discussion as organisation to look  at  ideas how to increase our creativity. I shared my experience of meditation for over 35 years  that help me develop my own creativity.  We therefore look to put together a date for Global meditation for one day. This lead to celebrating our first anniversary  by declaring 25th August 2013 as our WORLD MEDITATION for PEACE. The success of one day meditation grew to now doing our practise on every last  Sunday of each month.


We proudly  announce the launch of our New  program that will compliment our monthly meditation with ART for PEACE  AND HEALING. Each month members of GICAS, Friends and guests will be invited to submit work  for our online monthly picture gallery.

As we  are LIVE on both social networking websites therefore GICAS  members friends & guests  are requested to join our Google GICAS community page by circling on our group or on FACEBOOK by clicking LIKE button than you are ready to upload either :-


or for direct link FACEBOOK GROUP Art for PEACE & HEALING


  • Randa Atallah Takieddine

    WE need to communicate more in one global Peaceful language that is Art .we need to express our good energy in Art in contributing a world of peace and love.Art is always giving is always caring and uniting.

  • Bette Anne Wygant

    I agree. We are Light-workers. Through our work we can help others to consider Peace and Brotherhood for all Humanity.

  • Rachel Knopp

    As a Naïve painter and as illustrator for children books I feel that if I show children and other people our Art with humor ,Naive and relaxed pictures maybe mixed with relaxed music , it will do the work.
    Also we can make copies of small happy pictures for children so they can paint and fill it with beautiful bright colors . When people are in stress , a simple work can makes them so happy! .

  • sunilvilas1

    Sunil Vilas


    Good morning to all our GICAS members around the Globe.., Hoping the beginning of your Thursday morning fines you all well and looking forward to your day with exciting events and program to be completed..,
    WELCOME!!! to all the newer members that have join use recently, here in our Creative lounge we are LIVE and connected to all our members around the globe

    – Hello Randa thank you for your entry of comments and yes we need to operate on a united front where we could accomplish greater opportunities for all involved plus send a strong message of loving and kindness that slowly we are beginning to loose it.., Perhaps if we all make that EXTRA conscious effort to express LOVE and KINDNESS in our life’s and in our ART we could work towards reversing what has been lost in our daily life.

    – Bette very true here too!!!

    – Rachael wonderful suggestion may I add to your comments that if we each produce our own examples as individual contribution to start with a quarterly blog page on our website This would be our regular offering to anyone interested to download and paint to bring a smile to their life. Rachael would you like to start our first collection for the month of July, Aug & Sept., where any member interested is welcome to contribute to add to our quarterly collection ART to add a SMILE to everyone’s life..,


Pushkin EH – INDIA

Meditation is an education. Impeccable practice of meditation certainly/possibly conserves ‘creative’ minds in peaceful and spirited positions and such conditions usually support artists’ creative activities perfect and successful. Professional mediators are not so ‘creative’ too!


Sunil Vilas – FOUNDER UK

Pushkin welcome to our Meditation lounge, here is were we begin our practise to a techniques that goes back over 4600 years. As artists and as craftsman we can relate to it like learning our skill to paint and draw the more we begin to work and practise …, the better we become. Lots of books and teaches of meditation describe it as our inner or inward journey.

I call it an opportunity to go into our quieter self, or we could analysis it as a doorway to the source where all our thoughts begins or originates. WE are privilege today to have the abilities to read through records of scientific proof that has been research and experiments carried out in the last fifty years show that through mans full life we only use 20% of our brain capacity the rest remains domain. The question I’ll leave each one of think about is what would you do if you had the opportunity to tap into the other 80%?

Pauline Thomas – UK

My work is often influenced by my emotions at the time of painting. Personal experiences or those of others are evident within many of my works. I often enter my studio with no perceived conceptions of what I will paint and work at a subconscious level, with no vision of the finished product. Although I haven’t practised meditation I do believe that creativity could indeed be increased by such practises.

I attach an example where my subconscious highly influenced my painting Embryonic. 

Artist Pauline Thomas image 1

Pauline Thomas – UK

I enclose a close up image for interest

Artist Pauline Thomas image 2


Sunil Vilas – FOUNDER UK 

Meditation is a word that we choose to use in describing our practise today, but similarly to your method that you put faith in reaching out with a frame of mind-set seeking for hope beyond the end of the tunnel that made you feel free and at peace with yourself, is another form of meditation.

We can also see the powerful energy in your ART reflecting strength at the same time provide healing and it was no coincidence that professor Tu Shi-Ming contact you at the time as I am sure it has help all those in need of support and comfort.

Pushkin EH

Taping the hidden 80% brain capacity of the humans is a theory because of the human ‘physique’. The nature has been modified the existing human physique to use his/her 20% brain capacity. For example, I want a whole week to complete one 6ft X 6ft figurative painting on a canvas. And if I can tap my hidden 80% brain capacity, maybe I can create thousands of imaginations for paintings during that one week period but I cannot materialise all those imaginations on canvases because of my physique has not changed or tuned to such enormous activity. This will looks as installing a diesel locomotive engine to an ordinary car. Now, the nature is too worried about her mistake to allow humans to tap the present 20% of their brain capacity because the current 20% has already made terrific impacts against her own survival too.



Sunil Vilas

Good morning to all our members around the Globe
Hello to Pushkin welcome back to our meditation lounge and thank you for adding your comments all useful to continue our conversation in search for answers.
In our discussion on meditation lets analysis another theory that we all can all relate to our daily life. It is also known factor that during our daily activities we all do mind wandering and the ratio is as high as 47% – 60%.. Put it simply all this is lost opportunity in zero productivity that we are indulging without realising it is happening. With practise of meditation it helps reduce the ratio as your concentration levels increases. I would like to share with you all our links to different websites that you’ll find useful…,…/leonardo-da-vincis…/
The above link is reference to our group conversation we covered in our creative lounge bringing one of the greatest thinkers, artists, writer & scientist Leonardo Da Vinci. I made the following comment:
“Leonardo sitting in front of his works for many days staring for hours and sometimes days without painting a single stroke.., As artists can we account for this as being in a state of mind practicing deep meditation seeking answers and refining a technique enabling Leonardo to reach greater heights tapping for unlimited inspiration?”

Here I made reference of Leonardo genius moments

For reference on research 1…/all

reference 2…

In 2014 we continue our search to look for answers to the question of Leonardo Da Vinci theory on Art.., As a organisation we want to explore all possibilities,  same time enabling us  to increase …See more



Sunil Vilas

My suggestion to all our GICAS members is to bring about a change and if you have no experience in meditation lets us make a start doing small steps together by completing your own personal practise today use the attach link to guide you any questions let me know…/globalization-icas…/

GLOBALIZATION ICAS WORLD MEDITATION FOR PEACE AND HEALING LAST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH  Time: Local time 10-30am to 6-00pm (10-30hrs – 18-00hrs) Monthly World meditation, LINKING GICAS ME…See more

Click below to join us, ALL Welcome as friends and guests

Globalization ICAS World Meditation for Peace and Healing

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contact: SUNIL VILAS


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