Leonardo Da Vinci The First Creative Genius

Leonardo da Vinci was the first creative thinker who showed the importance of introducing random and chance events to produce variation in our thinking patterns.

Leonardo-da-Vinci-sketch-text quote

We can continue our discussion from the Aristotelian theory on Art, in August. It is  appropriate for us to introduce another great thinker, designer, sculptor, engineer, inventor, scientist, visionary painter Leonardo Da Vinci to our creative lounge.  We would like to examine Da Vinci’ s theory of how to alter our thinking process and viewing the World from many different perspectives.

Later we can cover aspects of his greatest works and talk about his fascination of completing the finest record of the anatomical drawings which were lost for centuries, bring our own experiences to bear were we to practise our own skills in completing figure drawings as representation of the human form, What goes through our own minds while we are working in a studio with life model?;



Visionary art, showing that man can fly, his great draughtsmanship skills produces  very early example of blue print plan of early flying machine looking at three-dimensional forms, showing the engineering mind at work illustrating working prototype.


fly4When you think of Leonardo da Vinci, certain images automatically come to mind, such as the Mona Lisa, The Vitruvian Man, and The Last Supper, just to name a few. These are some of da Vinci’s famous art pieces.


And finally we want to put his theory to test, so for the next three theme exhibitions we would like to invite as many artists around the globe to participate in our research to prove if this method would help increase your creativity?

If you would like to participate simply read the Da Vinci texts below  and complete your own art as inspiration from Da Vinci’s theory for each month. The themes are optional so either follow the theme for each month or submit your entry as New work both are acceptable.

Da Vinci’s preferred method as he explains: advised people to contemplate looking for longer periods at the walls, clouds, pavements, barks of the tree.., etc., with the idea of looking for patterns and images to conceptually blend with your thoughts.  He suggested that you will find inspiration for marvellous ideas if you look for random subjects to conceptually blend with your challenge. He would gaze at the stains of walls, or ashes of a fire, or the shape of clouds or patterns in mud or in similar places. He would imagine seeing trees, battles, landscapes, figures with lively movements.., etc. , and then excite his mind by conceptually blending the subjects and events he imagined and his subject .

Final stages –

As the process unfolds  to becomes clear patterns of images that we visualize,  gradually begin to move to the next phase of the experiment by transferring your thoughts into your chosen medium. The final artwork you submit closely represent the ideas that you would like to enter for experiment.
Finally for the purpose of the panel of jurors it would be useful to  confirm that the entry is for the  Da Vinci experiment

Whether you are a painter, sculptor, ceramic potter, craftsman, photographer, which ever preferred skills or method of art you select you can participate. We would encourage it as we have members around the globe that would make our experiences and research more rewarding. We each have to be faithful in undertaking the experiment as we all have different reasons in completing the task.

DA VINCI’S TECHNIQUE – The power of concentration to visualize images by focusing on one central point and let our creativity flow.., Was this the secret to his theory that unable Da Vinci to create some of the FINEST’S Iconic paintings which we recognise today and will be remembered for many generation!!! WE want to spend the next three months exploring the possibilities..,



If you have any questions either email Peter or myself  Globaizationicas@gmail.com but the BEST TEST would be for you to have a go and FLOW WITH YOUR CREATIVITY.., GOOD LUCK!!

How to enter our  online monthly theme exhibitions – Juror panel include International artists, art gallery and art critics. Click link below and follow instructions


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    Sunil Vilas

    Sunil Vilas

    Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

    This is lovely opportunity for us all to share our knowledge and experiences with members of the organisation. Talking about our mutual passion in art and enjoying the topic for the month Leonardo Da Vinci in our creative lounge.., I would like to open the platform for feedback from members across the globe


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Its a pleasure to also hear from Thomas and Veton.

Thomas perhaps we could share your question here in our creative lounge as I am sure everyone will have similar questions to ask.

Thomas ask as a digital artists can he still participate in the experiment / exhibition. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, ceramic potter, craftsman, photographer, which ever preferred method of art you select you can still participate. In fact I would encourage it as we have members around the globe that would make our experiences and research more rewarding. We each have to be faithful in undertaking the experiment as we all will have different experiences in following the experiment.

As the process unfolds in front of you that become clearer you than begin to move to the next phase of the experiment by transferring your thoughts into your chosen medium. So long as the final results you submit closely represent your ideas that you would like to enter for experiment.
For the purpose of the panel of jurors it would be useful to also confirm that your entry is for the Da Vinci experiment

I hope this further clears any concerns..,


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

For everyone interested to participate in our experiment to click the link
Leonardo Da Vinci The First Creative Genius – Whether you personally get involve in our monthly themed exhibitions or provide your input for the topic all this will become research material to add to our experiment..,


susie krieser

susie krieser

Owner, Susie McKay Krieser Fine Art

Hi Sunil. I would like to thank you for your vision, effort, and creativity towards this endeavor. I am appreciative of the judges, who have given so much of their time and knowledge, in order to guide us artists. I find their critiques very enlightening, causing me to view my work through the eyes of experts. I consider this a luxury, for which I am terribly grateful to you all. This is a fabulous community and opportunity! Thank you!


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Good morning Susie welcome to our creative / meditation lounge always a pleasure to hear from our members even more delighted to understand our vision and work is going a long way in helping artists around the globe!! I hope you’ll participate in our Da Vinci experiment, we are excited with the project and looking forward to seeing lot of works over the next three months as a symbol of what Globalization ICAS represents today!! Have a Happy Weekend


vered terry

vered terry

Fine Art Painter

Hello, we are influenced by everybody crossing our way, aren’t we? The classics – they’re perhaps the first we encounter when we study art. I used Mona Lisa as a cliché in my profile, seen on your left, with Henry Matisse pattern on her black dress, one of my landscapes and other things such like quinces I shot on the day I picked them (they could have been peaches if it was in the earlier in summer). Classics are often used as clichés. This cannot be avoided. The concept for me can also be very playful. Knowing what we know already know 500 years later, the immediate approach to any information – we can use random elements and go for them, we cannot think as Leonardo and pretend it is for the first time, but make use of him as a universal icon.
http://mymilim.info/milim-old/milim/M-2-ZILUM/THE-PHOTOGRAPHERES/LAST-SUPER-PHOTOS/Viridiana.jpgLuis Buñuel – in his “Viridiana


Adi Ness the photographer (a print of this photo was sold for million$ in Sotheby’s.)and many many many other creators from music cinema other visual arts quote Leonardo in so many ways, this will be a great challenge indeed not to repeat what already done and seen. If we are really true to ourselves in this experiment as Sunil suggests – this will not be an issue, but still – a hard one.I just remember something – perhaps it has nothing to do with this discussion but it came to my mind so perhaps it has something to do with it:
As kids we were divided by odd things, one of them was – whom do you like, Elvis or Cliff Richards? Liking both was illegal.
Years later we as a group of art students split in Leonardo fans and Michelangelo’s. You bet i was in the second. Even today Michelangelo comes more naturally to me. He is the doer, a worker and Leonardo is the intellectual, the one who stills corpses from the morgue. It only recently occurred to me that I don’t need to choose, I can like as many as I want. You can be a worker (I consider myself one) – still use your brains. Thanks god it is legal!

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier

Artist at Filzmaier Studio

Vered, I too am intrigued by Michelangelo with his wide range of expertise and in particular with architectural and engineering abilities acquired from practical experience and illustrated by his involvement in the reconstruction of St. Peter’s Basilica.


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Good afternoon to all who are joining us this fine day on Friday start of the weekend perhaps with exciting event to look forward to for the weekend?

On the front of our cultural program we had some of our members around the world celebrate their Happy Eid and to our Hindu friends and families completed their 10 days of Navratri celebration, with Diwali ( Festival of Light) coming very quickly in November. Wish all members celebrating all these lovely Festival best wishes from all the member of GICAS.

Vered thank you for your comments All valuable points to cover our subject on Leonardo Da Vinci to keep us active and thinking deeper with ideas for the next three month. Firstly like to clarify any misconceive ideas that members may have in taking an active part for our Da Vinci experiment. We are not expecting members to use any of the famous iconic images to be copied, reproduced or create any version to undertaking our experiment. This would mean you had not understood the process or our experiment. The whole purpose of our exercise is to experience new ways of increasing your oun creativity. By following Da Vinci comments on our link


With regular practise you would learn the program quickly and embrace the technique as a tool to increase your creativity same time assist you to improve your technique and develop your style. Hopefully this clarifies any concerns.

Susie email a question that I believe best addressed in our creative lounge to be shared by all members.
Q1. Sunil. Is the Da Vinci experiment separate from the monthly theme exhibits?
Susie anyone taking part in our experiment would enter their final artwork as part of our monthly theme exhibition where the work would be juried by our panel of Jurors according to the merits. Our monthly exhibition would accept artwork under the following category 1. – based on theme, 2. – New work or 3. both 1& 2 with confirmation that artwork is result from completing your Da Vinci experiment, hopefully I have answered your question.

Hello to Peter thank you for joining us and for comment on Michelangelo. The Da Vinci theory that we are practising for next three months, has bearing to the story his largest sculpture of David in marble commission by the Medicci family standing in Florence.

For many years Michelangelo had this idea of producing the largest sculpture to be craved from a single stone. As a stone carver he would select only but the best piece of stone from the famous quarry for marble in Italy.

During one his visit look at the hillside quarry he witnessed the outline forming the birth of his standing nude figure of David. That triggered one of biggest expedition undertaken to cut a whole section of that marble hill and transporting this largest section to his working studio where a team of apprentices working under the supervision of Michelangelo completed the largest marble sculpture of David.

Mona Youssef

Mona Youssef

International Award-Winning, Canadian Fine Artist. Online Art Gallery: http://www.monayoussef.com


Are you looking for a challenge to take part in our Da Vinci experiment?

What a thoughtful, inspiring and motivating theme to select for the monthly exhibition! Your deep perception is the key of motivating and leading the group so beautifully even though you do not believe in leading but motivating, So, thank you Sunil, thanks to Peter for his efforts, thanks to the body of jury and thanks to all members who are activity involved in the group with their useful comments. I wish I had more time but do what I can.

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful weekend


Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier

Artist at Filzmaier Studio

Hello Sunil, what a great idea. As an inspirational motivator I am reading John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, “Paradise Regained” with a full illustration of Dore’s illustrations of “Paradise Lost”.

Terrence P. Fedde

Sculptor – Owner, Fedde Sculpture Services LLC

Hello Sunil, this is very exciting – can not wait to see where it takes the group. I’m in Chicago working on a project – so it’s currently hard to communicate. Will be home the end of next week.


Herminia Haro

Herminia Haro

Independiente at Taller propio

What a nice challenge to have Leonardo Da Vinci as an inspiration. I’m already imaging the Art pieces we’ll see for the next theme exhibitions. Wonderful way of ending the year!


Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier

Artist at Filzmaier Studio

Yes, Herminia, Works from within, inspired by Da Vinci’s endless curiosity.


Edgar Plaute

Edgar PlauteSeniors Maschinenbauingenieur, fine art craftsman “Der Andere Linolschnitt” linocuts multi-colored, spatula stone&tilesLeonardo da Vinci … Sunil , this is your best idea of the year 2013! …1954 on our graduation trip to Fiat in Turin before the Dominican church of Santa Maria delle Gracie in Milan continued a heavy rain … and suddenly we were standing in front of the world famous painting ” The Last Supper ” … for us young engineers only a vague notion … our Board of School, a gifted designer for car engines and bass-baritone of Ancient Music told us two hours on the one hand this and on the other hand, the technician da Vinci … this was known as ” engineer ” ahead of his time … his submarine would have been absolutely suitable date dive if he had the appropriate matrials ( plates, screws, pipes, etc. ) available … next to the Dominican church in Milan worth a technical visit to the small museum in a small village da Vinci …… Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso have become role models for me and stayed … and Albin Egger-Lienz … I’m a linocut – and you? … for me the program for a second year for Globalizationicas with Sunil , Peter, and all other fellow artists from India to Palermo , Canada, USA , Israel , Paris and London … I’ve something more to tell about next time …… once again: I’m a linocut-and you? …


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Welcome to your all hope you all enjoying a fine shiny day today here in The First Garden City of Letchworth UK we where greeted in the morning with clear sky and a bright warm day.., Hope you all have good weather if not some thing to look forward later today!.

Our discussion continues in our creative lounge focusing our topic on Leonardo Da Vinci and what a better way to spend our time revisiting some of his greatest master piece. Thank you to both Edgar and Terrance to introduced their personal experiences that shade more light talking about our topic in greater details.

The two works their introduces was The LAST SUPPEER painted around 1495 size: 460cm x 880cm while his iconic painting MONA LISA size: 77cm x 53cm was done twenty years later. The two works shows the Leonardo’s Figurative art at its Bests.., It would be useful for us to talk about this two paintings in more details and also get your personal views which work you would choose as your favourite and also give your reasons?

Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier

Artist at Filzmaier Studio

Choosing between the two works would be very difficult for me as they both have their own specific attributes. If I absolutely had to make a choice I would lean towards the Last Supper.
Looking at the aspect of composition related to the size – very large, all the movement and groupings of figures combined with the geometric elements lead the viewer to the head of Christ. The groupings and gestures of the figures give them life and in comparison many figures in other artists works of the time seem static. The colors and light values are beautiful and lead to the central figure like the prelude to a magnificent chorus.

The Mona Lisa was far ahead of her time as many portraits of the time were side views and not face on portrayals. The landscape in the background was handled in a obscure manner adding impact to the figure. This was also unusual for the time as many portraits of the period depict the same clarity in the background as the figure. The portrait does not excel in color as I’m sure that was not Da Vinci’s intent but the tonal values are exceptional and upon a close inspection it is difficult to determine were one value transitions to another. The fact that this portrait includes so much of the figure and the hands also makes it exceptional for the period and the detail in the hands combined with the anatomical correctness of the hands is indicative of Da Vinci’s study of anatomy. Thank you Sunil for bringing these works to our attention as we tend to forget how much can be learned from great works of the past.

Edgar Plaute

Edgar Plaute

Seniors Maschinenbauingenieur, fine art craftsman “Der Andere Linolschnitt” linocuts multi-colored, spatula stone&tiles

Hallo Peter … auch ich gebe “Das Letzte Abendmal” den Vorzug weil es im Ganzen sehr dynamisch wirkt … die Mona Lisa sehr statisch mit einem Gesichtsausdruck das nicht weiß ob es lachen oder weinen soll … die Farben sind die Erdfarben der Toskana die leider nicht leuchten … deine Farben leuchten viel mehr … im Abendmal hat jede Figur einen wichtigen Auftrag der aus den Gesten jedes Apostel heraus gelesen werden kann … mich als Techniker fasziniert natürlich der Techniker Leonardo da Vinci … seine Erfindungen waren seiner Zeit weit voraus und können heute noch als Vorbilder dienen … wenn Leonardo damals bereits Blech gehabt hätte, hätte er ein taugliches Unterseeboot getaucht … wer weiß, wie die Weltgeschichte damals anders verlaufen wäre????

in my English;

Hi Peter … also I give “The Last Supper” in preference because it looks a whole more dynamic … the “Mona Lisa” is very static, with a face that does not know whether to laugh or cry … the earth tones of Tuscany, which has unfortunately an important figure in the Supper each order can be read from the gestures of each apostle out … technician course fascinated me as the engineer Leonardo da Vinci … his inventions were ahead of its time and can still serve as role models … if Leonardo had had at that time already sheet, he would have dipped a submarine-grade … who knows how world history would have been different then??

… eines weiß ich auch noch, dass ich das Abendmahl nie als Linolschnitt machen werde … dazu müsste ich 100 Teil-Matritzen und 100 Arbeitsstunden machen

Leonardo davinci quote1



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ALL material on this website is protected copyrights reserved by Globalization ICAS / Group Founder Sunil Vilas 

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5 Comments on “Leonardo Da Vinci The First Creative Genius”

  1. I’m sure if Da Vinci were alive today he would be part of the Meditation Lounge as his contemplative inspections of patterns etc. blending with his thoughts suggests a meditative process. I have looked at his flying machine and find his wing design is not too dissimilar to the micro lights and hang gliders of today. Even though his model won’t fly some of the concepts illustrated in his drawing put him hundreds of years ahead of his time.

  2. Good afternoon Peter welcome to our creative/meditation lounge to discuss the secrets of Da Vinci’s theory.

    The success of our project will depend on encouraging as many members of our family to join us and be actively involved at all levels as the project unfolds and as we complete our next mission over the next three exciting months.

    We all should be proud to have the opportunity to undertake our next task. Thank you for your valuable input..,

  3. Leonardo da Vinci …. Wissenschaftler, Techniker, Erfinder, Künstler, Philosoph … unermüdlich suchte er der Welt und ihrem Sein und Ursprung auf die Spur zu kommen … vergeblich … Johann Wolfgang von Goethe hat auf seinen Italienreisen “Das Letzte Abendmahl” und Leonardo bewundern gelernt … auch sein Faust lebte im selben Streben wie der berühmte Toskaner … ein bemerkenswertes Zusammentreffen … für uns wertvolle Spuren …

  4. Leonardo der begnadete Techniker und Genie

    … wenn wir uns im nächsten Quartal mit Leonardo da Vinci befassen, möchte ich das mit meinem ganzen Ernst tun … als Maschinenbauingenieur habe ich im Laufe meines Lebens vor diesem großen technischen Genie eine sehr hohe Achtung gewonnen … lange bevor ich den Künstler Leonardo kennen lernte … das von ihm erdachte Unterseeboot war funktionstüchtig … es scheiterte an den fehlenden metallischen Werkstoffen (Blechen, Rohren, Winkeleisen usw.) und am grundsätzlichen Verständnis der damaligen Menschen … als ich 1954 auf der Maturareise “Das Letzte Abendmahl” sehen konnte und den Künstler und Techniker Leonardo erlebte war mein Erstaunen riesengroß … und ist es bis heute geblieben … ich bitte euch, in diesem Fall den Odd Ball zu vergessen und ich bitte euch um volle Konzentration auf das Thema …

    in my English:

    … when we examine in the next quarter with Leonardo da Vinci, I would like to do with all of my serious … as a mechanical engineer I have gained during my lifetime ago this great technical genius a very high esteem … long before I met the artist Leonardo … his concept of a submarine was fully functional … it failed because of the lack of of metallic materials (plates, pipes, angle iron, etc.) and on the fundamental understanding of the people of that time … as I could see on our graduation trip “The Last Supper” in 1954 and the artist and engineer Leonardo recognized my surprise was huge … and has remained so until today … I beg you in this case, to forget the Odd Ball, and I beg you to concentrate fully on the topic …

  5. I grew up with a Freemason and Phillip De Champaigne’s painting of the Last Supper, so the things that stand out to me in Da Vinci’s piece are; The four ‘saw’ Horses that are under the table top, and raised by a Mason have me think of Treasle Boards, “which I view as very slow motion ‘Moving’ pictures”. In way of Irony, the table cloth almost points to the painting by Champaigne. And I might add at this point that 2 very different (Champaigne) paintings of the Last Supper exist, only one of them is set around a half circular table…The seating ‘grandstanding” over said table, and more…….

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