Health Guru



  1. Introducing One of the Super food – Turmeric

  2. Homemade remedies for pain relief

  3. Simple Shoulder stretching exercises

  4. Working on your YOGA postures

  5. Find benefit from tradition Chinese hand message

  6. References to herbs that have anti-inflammatory qualities

  7. Feet message to release back ache pain

  8. Simple exercises for improving vision & eyes

  9. Awaking of your super senses

  10. Diet, healthy eating and Yoga to reduce back ache problems

  11. Benefit of Honey to boost health and enjoy life

  12. Rubbing essential natural oils to create relief for sciatic nerve

  13. Ancient Japanese remedies to improve health

  14. The Art of Drink water for happy hydration of the body

  15. Introducing baking soda to improve health

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