Creativity part II


Leonardo davinci quote3Creativity flows through our Life? For a painter being a daily observer of Life in Light and Colour; a sculptor in the shape of things; a poet in words; a musician in sound. What’s true for you

We continue our journey to seek for answers to our question.., that we raised in our creative lounge.., finding an answer that closely is what you believe is the case..,

Line Petersen

Line Petersen •

Hello Sunil and all of you!
Creativity was with me from the start. As for education I started out as a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. And my education is with me in all I do. I am always conscious of the process when working. It has given me much. Since each piece of art is also a study of: how did I get here.
I had a long period working mostly with paintings in acrylics and oils, but at the time it is back to the roots…I work with geometrical forms and shapes. And I do it with pencils, crayons and watercolours. It is an absolute pleasure …just for the feeling of the rough paper..and the tools in my hands.
It is only about ten years ago that I finally found out that not everybody sees the world as I do.I´m always at work because I´m watching my surroundings, listening or feeling them by touch. I am hooked on sensory input. This is probably the important thing here.
As for other artist: I do not focus too much on the media – but I like it, when it is done technically well.
A nice day to all of you!

(By the way I love music – a background wallpaper for my work)

Johannes van der Horn "Master of Light"

Johannes van der Horn “Master of Light” • Good Morning everybody!
I am new here,my work you can visit on
If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug a camera 😉
Photography is my life!
Greetings from Holland (texel)

Piercarla Garusi

Piercarla Garusi •

My work comes from Spirit, I am just a vessel to allow it to appear in reality and do whatever it needs to do in the world. When I paint I need to totally disappear and follow the energy. My paintings help bring about social evolution by healing the individuals and bringing about new consciousness. They carry higher vibrations which help lifting the densities in the viewer. You can view them on .

Tara Bartal

Tara Bartal •

Use whatever medium seems right for the piece. I enjoy pastels mostly but I use photography as well as the “digital” world (creative software such as Adobe Illustrator) to create. My aim is to leave the impression that wasn’t there before with a fresh perspective on form and color.


Shawn-Todd O'MalleyShawn-Todd O’Malley •Thanks Sunil. Creativity flows through my life in all things. My observations of life are often very intense as I think of all the time that the natural world has used to bring us all to this point and very moment in time…together. I often ask myself how would I paint a picture to represent what I feel and what Inspires me as I ponder the things that time has made.

Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian •
I like this thinking –

‎”Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”-Andy Warhol

basically – as far as I have experienced life – once an individual learns how to relax into expressing themselves in one endeavor in life – it is possible for that person to translate that same feeling and expression towards most everything else in their life as well –

I have had the great fortune to have begun studying music (violin) as well as receiving a camera in hand as well as some direction in art from my mother at the early age of 7 and 8 and also to have begun trading in postage stamps as well as collecting coins and well too many other things to mention here – but I have learned through these differing endeavors to translate across all of the seemingly different borders a certain relaxed feeling such that I believe I have been able (when I remain aware and conscious of this fact) to apply the feeling of creating art to each and every project including but not limited to the business that I have with photography – to art – to trading stocks and to just simply living life – they are all somehow intertwined in my mind and each an extension of my life in the process of growth –

Carlos Camus

Carlos Camus •

“El arte es parte importante en mi la vida, el arte me da vida , He unido la tecnología con la pintura tradicional tratando constantemente de diferentes técnicas y esas búsquedas son lo que me ha llevado al mundo.del arte digital, que es la pintura del siglo 21.
Me alegra participar en este grupo que incentiva el arte,la creatividad y a los artistas.


Sunil Vilas •

Good morning to you all!! Hope you’re having a creative weekend.., rush of energy and not wanting to stop for a break. Kindly join us anytime even to say what on your mine? Completing of your current work or an exhibition to share with us, please feel free to share!!!
Have a well deserve break and enjoy the weekend..,

Welcome to all new members joining us for the first time..,Toma – Milan, Italy; Catarina – Bologna, Italy; Didier – Paris, France; Line – Odense, Denmark; Johannes – Amsterdam, Netherlands; Piercaria – London UK; Shawn-Todd – Asoria, Oregon; Walter – New York and Carlos – Chile. Thank you for all your valuable points and comments. Look forward to more comments..,

I hope this is a true translation of what you said Carlo :-
Carlos Camus • “Art is part of my life, art gives me life, I joined the technology with traditional painting constantly trying different techniques and these searches are what brought me to mundo.del digital art, which century painting is 21.
I am pleased to participate in this group that encourages the art, creativity and artists. / camus

Jon Measures

Jon Measures •

I’m an Englishman in Los Angeles. My work is an exploration of the urban environment. The mixed media process I employ is somewhere between photography and painting. I am obsessed by making images, I wake up thinking about art, I have ideas as I drive down the freeway or walk the dogs. The city is my muse. Thank you for the invitation to the group. nothing better than the support of others in the art world.

Olivia Marie Braida-Chiusano

Olivia Marie Braida-Chiusano •

Thank you for inviting me. I agree with Degas. As a botanical artist, I often hear “we draw what we see”, but for me it is to draw what I see so others can see clearly! With regard to the creative experience, for me it keeps evolving. I keep digging deeper in to the understanding of what I do, connecting historically to a genre that dates back over 60,000 years. Botanical Art always had as its main focus the need to discover the use for plants – mainly for food (agriculture), medicine (pharmacology), and clothing (commerce). The age of exploration developed the desire to create creative collections of plants and gardens for their aesthetic beauty. I am a city girl who grew up in an apartment in New York. I never gardened, but rather I spent many hours in the great museums enjoying the works of classical painters. When I discovered the French Court Botanical Masters, especially that of Gerard van Spaendonck (Dutch Flower Painter), I found my love of nature could be inexorably connected to my love of classical painting. It was this profound appreciation for the pursuit of this style that showed me how the creation of art, and the FOCUS of each endeavor, was a way to still inner conversation and direct it to the source of the creative power. I work predominately in watercolor, often on large canvases, and with small brushes. Exploring nature’s connection to the ascent of man and custom, to knowledge and thirst for knowledge, I see how its evolution parallels the human spirit and its quest for self-knowledge. And so, as I strive for realism to achieve actualization, the quest for each one of my works is by grace, the outcome a gift, and the process is gratitude. The finished work reverberates with a multitude of strokes – each a memory of my beloved. The creative journey is meant to bring me home, again and again.

Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian • @Kasia Barbara Turajczyk – our society has developed and changed much since Rembrandt was just a craftsman doing his job – do you know how Rembrandt received his assignments to practice his craft? Did he get enough of these assignments so that he was able to earn enough money to support himself? and from a curiosity stand point – did he enjoy working on his craft?

Jalaliyyih Quinn

Jalaliyyih Quinn •

Creativity is who I am. I can not separate it from my daily life, or know what it is like to be with out it. Artistic skill is essential, or the creative genii will have no means to express itself.
I am a synesthete seeing letters, number, words, feelings/emotions, thoughts in colors. Other synesthetes have different merging of their senses and for some the sensations are powerful.
In art this has been a tremendous benefit… as color and shapes appear quite spontaneously.
(synesthesia does however often mess up maths and spelling)
The process of making art is my home. When I add the element of prayer, of meditation,
I feel a greater surge of love into it.

I must also work for a living. Fortunately I am able to teach art in the past at the college/university level. I am an assistant professor of art. Presently I teach art to children at a top quality charter school. The students beautiful people and so is their art.

I actively work to bring a unity of Art, Science and Religion in my work. I believe in the positive reality for good in each of the major world religions and that all worship the same God while people of all faiths use the tools of science to tell us about the earth and the universe that we call home. Art is the lens through which I see all of this.
I invite you to please come to visit my website.

Alba Laura Arciello

Alba Laura Arciello •

Thanks for invitation.
I think that creativity is essential to deeply live the life, the artist lives in a spiritual dimension that gives him the ability to give the right value to large and small things that live every day and its sensitivity leads him to love the world in for better or worse, trying to “grow up” and give the right contribution to the society where he lives.
When art contains “truth” emanates light and vital energy.

Benjamin Casiano Art & Design

Benjamin Casiano Art & Design • Nobody said it best than Hopper. If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.

Alba Laura Arciello

Alba Laura Arciello •

Hopper is the painter of silence and solitude …. there is no space for words ..

Ellen Fisch

Ellen Fisch •

Hopper’s notebooks (exhibited some years ago at the Morgan Library: NYC) are filled with words. Some of these writings are available in catalogues. Hopper is a genius at suggesting through words and paintings. I think that Benjamine and Alba are both right.

Alba Laura Arciello

Alba Laura Arciello •

I could see the masterpieces of Hopper in an exhibition in Rome. I really like this artist who has expressed well the “empty” existential of a metropolis. He was also an excellent draftsman, I have seen his numerous sketches for his work, meticulous and expressive as his works.We could talk about him for hours…Thank you dear Ellen.

Ashley Gatewood

Ashley Gatewood •

Color and form inspires me beyond anything else. I can see colors in an outfit, a particular movie scene, nature, or another artist’s painting and I am inspired to create. Then the composition comes. My muse of late is the horse. But no matter what colors inspire, without a great composition the artwork fails for me. There is a flow in the individual shape, line & contour that I must get right or my painting is not mine.

Expressionism is where I draw my energy – I get lost in the paintings of Marc, Feininger, Kandinsky. They leave so much to ponder in an image…it’s wonderful.

It was said by an artist once: “If it doesn’t have ambiguity, don’t bother.” This is what is true for me. The more I work on my art, the more I hope to bring ambiguity to it. I’m not there yet, it’s a process~



Sunil Vilas •

Welcome to all new members joining us for the first time, we look forward to reading more comments and views with updates of how your work is progressing, feel free to share with us live on our discussion section..,
Jon – Los Angles, California; Olivia – Sarasota, Florida; Walter – New York; Jalaliyyih – Gt. Denver; Alba – Roma, Italy; Benjamin – New York; Ashley – Lexington, Kentucky; Alan – London, UK; Johnny – San Antonio
And warm welcome back to Ellen – New York

What a wonderful way to spend our Sunday going through works of master artists reciting Hopper, Marc, Feininger & Kandinsky in our conversation.., All art current and past are always a reminder to see how creativity and genius are at their bests. Inspiring us to go that extra mile, never believing we’ve mastered our own Art as we continue to stride and look for improvement to better our technique..,

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!. Join us tomorrow to continue our conversation..,

Bianca Vaessen

Bianca Vaessen •

I get inspired by the landscapes in my area, when I go for a walk with my dog. I think the most interesting landscapes are, when it has been raining. Then there is much to see on the ground! The rain that makes its way through the mud and the refraction of light in the water on the (field) roads.

isabelle Nivet

isabelle Nivet •

For me,the path of creativity is directly related to the path of freedom. It is a path of knowing yourself as a creator, a feeling profoundly linked to our consciousness. To paint is to open yourself to a self-awareness, fearless towards what is inside my own being. I feel like painting is the very moment when you’re facing your unkown self.

Bonnie Shanas
Bonnie Shanas •
Good morning and thank you for inviting me to this group.
I suppose that for me as a figurative sculptor, I relate to creativity as the drive, the impulse, that makes me want to interpret my everyday experiences with people- whether interactive or merely observing, and incorporate them into my work. It is the continuous transaction between my impressions and my expressions.


Sunil Vilas •

Good morning and welcome to all new members joining us for the first time, thank you for your contribution in making our debate more exciting, each day brings a fresh and exciting personal experience to look forward..,
Dima – Czech Republic; Bianca – Maastricht, Netherlands; Isabella – Montpellier, France
Sergio – Rome, Italy.

Mantra for next week – Creativity inspires moment of change, use this as an opportunity to rethink an idea and progress it forward ..,

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Nina Valetova

Nina Valetova • @Isabelle Nivet. I agree with Isabelle path of creativity is directly related to the path of freedom. Creativity is impossible without freedom. The artist should be free thinking, without limitation, to have own view of the world and feel independent


Virginia Erdie
Virginia Erdie •
Sorry, I’m quoting Sunil Sentinel since I am not so great at tooting my own horn:

After 18 years of painting surreal works she describes as non-threatening expressions about crooked politics, greed and commercialism, the artist is experimenting with other mediums and approaches. Her recent paintings and some of her furniture contain circular patterns she compares to “dissections of the infinitely smallest to infinitely largest microorganisms.”

As she explains, “I’m more interested now in fractals and the possibility of simultaneous realities, all connected through tiny wormhole-type things that we cannot detect, like the invisible energies that bend through space and connect us all, the collective unconscious.”

Erdie is excited about her new art adventures and her full-time commitment.

“I was desperate to at least die knowing that I spent a good part of my older years being who I am — an artist — instead of pretending to be an executive assistant and all these other things that were really poisonous to me,” she says.

Colleen Dougher operates the South Florida arts blog Arterpillar.

Brenda Oelbaum

Brenda Oelbaum •

I am both an arts administrator for a non-profit women’s art organization and a conceptual artist so much of my creativity flows through my thought process and my passion for making connections and bringing people together. Whether I am connecting people with other people or ideas for my own art I would say that I am a conduit of connectivity.

– -. • im an independent arts professional …in not so many words i enjoy painting .

Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特

Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特 • A phone call from a friend this morning sparked off a whole new realisation on the subject of “creativity” that I hadn’t realised.
Most of the comments to the subject question has been from actual creators. Yet there’s the whole world of appreciators of that creativity that hasn’t been much spoken of here – the people on the other side of the fence, as it were.
My friend said she was thinking of going to Frieze tomorrow and was having second thoughts [she, like me, live in Scotland – so it’s not around the corner exactly]. I told her that she had to go, no matter the cost and effort. Why? Because Frieze presents such a veritable cornucopia of creativity under one roof that the atmosphere in those marquees is electric to the point of being palpable.
So the penny dropped for me – such a collection of creative work under one roof presents an energy that is unsurpassed. Put into that mix the crowds of art-appreciative folk under the same roof and that energy is boosted all the more.
Frieze is a brilliant concept born 10 years ago. The addition of Frieze Masters this year is sheer brilliance.
What’s the moral of what I’m saying here? Creativity is energy-giving to not only the creator, but to the observer. It is a glue that brings together like-minded people – it inspires us all to do greater things and in a world where inspirational experiences are all the more rare, we must nurture and cherish the creators.
Creativity is pointless without the appreciators. It’s like an unwritten pact. The energy flows between the onlooker and the maker.
Hopefully, my enthusiasm makes some sense here!
Adrien von Ferscht

Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian •

Adrien – what you have written makes a great deal (not just some) sense!

here is something that I written in this direction fairly recently:

Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特

Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特 • Walter
I’ve just read your message and gone into the links and found something oh so relevant there!!!!!
That’s exactly what the collective energy and inspiration one gets from bringing together under one roof so much creativity. It exudes energy that is virtually drinkable. Add the enthusiastic, like-minded, often highly stylish onlookers and it’s almost too much to take in!
Thanks for giving me that phrase. It encapsulates exactly what I was trying to say.

Riet van Gerven

Riet van Gerven •

All is true there is no false in being an artist. I just do, wonder and enjoy it.All is true as a curator, working with art and artists is meaningful, i just do and ask more questions. All could be true as a project coordinator. I just do and feel good when the work is done. PS Have you checked my profile at linkedin?

Olivia Marie Braida-Chiusano


Good Morning everyone! Here’s what popped up on my “Once-A-Day-Art-Tips” which seems to coincide with the this discussion of synergistic phenomena. A quote by Robert Henri (American Painter/Teacher) I thought you would all enjoy. “When the artist is alive in any person… he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and he opens ways for better understanding.”


Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian•

the difficult part after getting any idea that might be nice to implement – is physically doing all of the work that seems to need to be done to carry this idea out into the physical world – but in reality doing all of this work may be the incorrect way of going about seeing this idea showing up in the physical world – perhaps if I simply continue on with the process of thinking or just let the idea go then everything else needed to be done will simply fall into place


Stacy Leeman

Stacy Leeman •

I am intrigued by how we can train ourselves to use creative problem solving as a means of working. I also love the way we artists view the world slightly differently.

While I agree with David that quantity isn’t the answer, sometimes working through a quantity of work gives an artist freedom to truly explore and be freer with the work. I am a big believer in the process and being true to one’s process. The product will come if the process is true and honest.


Kate Enters

Kate Enters •

Everyday simplicity inspires me and my paintings I hope reflect this. However as with everyday simplicity there are depths to be explored and that is what is exciting as well as strangely reassuring in its familiarity!
I was so pleased to read this article yesterday where Alex Katz seems to have lived as an artist in a similar way.
Alex Katz – I salute you…


Marc Aaron Senoner

Marc Aaron Senoner •

Thank you Sunil for letting me join the group.
I believe the quantity of work produced might as well be an indicator of how creative an artist is, since all the ideas,feelings and hopes end up on paper right away. Without reflecting too much about whether good or bad,instinctively we follow our guts. So spending too much time pondering about what to do may not be good for the final outcome. And looking back the most influential artists are those who created an infinity of art.


Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian •

not that Marc sounds like some profound thinking to me!!!! 🙂


Gretchen Smith

Gretchen Smith •

I believe my truest art form is utilizes people as the medium. I like to push people past their preconceived ideas of what is possible. I don’t like false boundaries which run rampant in today’s day and age and if I perceive what I consider to be a false boundary being upheld I am likely to remove it so that information and ideas and flow more freely. That said, there are good boundaries, the type that truly protect one from evil. The rest should be abolished.


Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian •

how do you describe the art of drinking a glass of water?


Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特

Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特 •

If London up-market restaurant have Water Sommeliers, then I guess there’s an art hidden somewhere in there too.
Makes one wonder though.
Should make one worry too!
Walter – perhaps you should do a photo-series on the idiots who fall under the spell of this ruse. Should be amusing


Walter Paul Bebirian

Walter Paul Bebirian •

there is definitely an art to drinking a glass of regular water Adrien and now you have definitely added a new dimension to the entire concept – even how to chew a mouthful of food has been described as an art – for example I have seen it written about how many times John D. Rockefeller would chew a mouthful before swallowing – extremely interesting world we live in – including but not limited to your own niche market – 🙂


Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特

Adrien von Ferscht 阿德里安 冯韦什特 •

Am guessing the Chinese are consummate drinkers and chewers and might give a whole new slant [get it!] to the art of imbibing and gastronomic indulgences
My mind is in a whirl now
Must have a drink!



Sunil Vilas •

Welcome to all new members joining us for the first time, thank you all for your valuable contribution..,
Bonnie – Gt Philadelphia; Nine – Norfolk, Virginia; Virginia – Miami fort, Laudardde; Riet curator – Tiburg, Netherlands; Olivia Founder – Sarasota, Florida; Brenda – Gt. Detroit; Alpana – Perrth, Australia; Adrien – UK; Walter – New York; Gallery Michael – Zimbabwe; Alan –UK; Gallery Rene Paris, France; Caroline – UK; Antony – Executive Director – Monaco; Gallery Marc – Bolzano, Italy; Grace – Melbourne; Stacy – Columbus, Ohio; Kate – London UK; Piercarla – London, UK; Ellen – New York and Grant Executive – Gt. Denver

I am hoping over time we involve the whole cross section of the creative art industry from artists, photographers, craftsman, art galleries, Museums, critics, journalists to art buyers from around the globe, creating a collective record of opinions for our debate..,

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Isak Lystad

Isak Lystad •

I find creative inspiration everywhere, whether listening to music, making art, or taking a walk in Nature. As an artist I blow glass, every time I work I become so focused that everything outside of the process disappears, reflecting afterwards is a great source of inspiration for me.
My current project is focused on safeguarding the 800 year tradition of glassblowing by hand in Tuscany. As all but one glassblowing factory has closed here the practice is dying out, traditionally this knowledge has been passed down in the factories but now there is no where for a new generation to learn, so that is why I am trying to open a public glass school in Florence. I learned Venetian techniques in Seattle, and 500 years ago the Medici family brought Venetians to Florence to work in 2 medieval artistic glassblowing studios in the city center…it is funny how history repeats itself in odd ways.
Anyway I hope to give people the wonderful experience of creating with molten glass that I enjoy so much.


Sunil Vilas •

Isak Welcome!! Thank you for joining us and giving an inside to an exciting project to look forward and follow the progress. Kindly keep us updated with your development. I believe other skill and technique that have survive for century need to be preserve and follow your example to put extra emphasis to teach these skill to the future generation, this way keep the skills alive.

Hopefully with Globalization ICAS involvement we could look for sponsorships and support to help where possible, including getting the information live where it matters. If our members would like to share with all the members of similar projects they have been involve with or would like to intiate this would be useful!!!


Jacques Banne

Jacques Banne •

Dear Sunil,
Thank you for the invite. I live with two hats, 1, I am an artist sculptor, 2, I am the CEO of IARTEXPO ART as a bridge for Peace, International Art Exhibit and Art Show, for to help people to live in peace with themselves and with other.
When I sculpt I’m completely concentrated in my work.
If interested please ask me your questions.


Brian Rolfe

Brian Rolfe •

When I paint and when I think about painting or creating, I notice that it is tied into events or issues that manifests strongest at the time. I then create to address and confront those issues and it always starts as an idea that contains a number of layers which can be simplified by attempting to put it down into one sentence. In this regard, creating is a means of streamlining and putting thoughts into context. During this process I am energised and excited and it always amazes me that a thought can stimulate so much flow of energy. It is truely an honor to be able to create as a way of living.


Jakuesta kuesta

Jakuesta kuesta •

Thanks for the invitation

I think creativity is to create a new reality, “because life is not enough” (quoting what is the title of a book by a Spanish painter Miquel Barceló).


Johannes Swanepoel

Johannes Swanepoel •

Creativity flows through our Life says it al, Creativity comes from within and started of with what we perceive and how we sees it, this forms an Idea which in an evolutionary process forms almost a creative story of basic principles of art, like form, color, line, etc, in our minds. From here we act with our body and use our limbs to physically create this piece of Art and it becomes an Object to view in Visual Arts or Object to listen to in Music or an Object to appreciate as an Artwork. Be aware, this is not an god to yield to and/or to worship. It is merely an artwork of outward expression of our creative inner feelings. As daily observer of life in light & color, continuously remind me of our Only Creator, God, Whom created the Ultimate Creation, the Universe, the Earth and Planets and Man self. HE is Worthy to receive Praise and Worship alone. He is the Only Truth for me? The other stuff in art, merely dead objects.


Fine Artist Laura Barbosa

Fine Artist Laura Barbosa •

As for me, I am a daily painter and I create art even if I do not have a plan of the outcome. I think this is a great excercise to achieve being a master at my craft. Usually the unplanned art comes out better than anything I have a plan for. My paintings come from my past experiences and my daily life struggles which combines into being an interesting artwork for the viewer. I also think that my emotions play a very important role in my creative endeavors influencing the finished work of art. I am a firm believer in that all art created by an artist is good. I am not a rule follower and I have always walked to the beat of my own drum because my individuality is the most important thing to me.


Ashley Gatewood

Ashley Gatewood •

Laura, I have stumbled upon your artwork over the web in the past – it is emotionally riveting. And your choices of color is how that is communicated personally to me, the viewer. There is an ambiguity that not only draws me in, but keeps me there for awhile…trying to figure out these characters/forms in your work. Very nice~


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enjoy the rest of your day!!!


cathy breslaw

cathy breslaw •

I am wondering how any of you believe your creativity has been effected by globalization, the internet, and all the changes resulting from these things. For me, it is both the shrinking of the globe thru internet communication, and the expanding knowledge gained from it, together with my daily world, nature, and direct interrelationships with others that fuels my creativity as well. I am interested to know how each of your creativity has been affected, if at all, from these things.


Pamela Olin

Pamela Olin •

One of the things I do to help both patrons and artists connect is produce Art Dinner Experiences where we feature 5 artists for an evening with a 5 course dinner. Artists change tables with each course so everyone gets the chance to talk with every artist and every artist has the chance to build relationships with perspective buyers. I’ve been doing these for about 3 years and its a super way to connect people.


Iabadiou Piko

Iabadiou Piko • thanks for your Invited me,
I’m an artist in Yogyakarta Indonesia,
My work portrays the memories in my daily life in an abstract and poetic atmosphere. I create my work using the medium of Painting and Photography. My work is abstract and intuitive, inspired by people I meet each day, things that happen to me, and places I have been. I capture memories, feelings and my imagination as my visual diary. My work is an allegory and metaphor of what goes around my life.


Ron Seivertson

Ron Seivertson • Hi Sunil,
here is what I have to say presently:
1, your question is provocative and you have gained a good deal of remarks…
2, Is this a serious question or are you simply poking around?
3, Are you and artist yourself, or one who is passionate about art and artists on the representative side alone? I.E. why bother with such a question?
4, I have lived in the experience of combat, surrender and divorce with ‘talent’ all my life.
5, finally I surrendered, creativity was never an issue of “who, what when where why” it was simply there and has never left…
6, Blessing or curse this is the truth: the river of inspiration is always there, sometimes it’s a deluge of a water fall unstoppable that consumes my body and soul until I see the ‘thing’ in form; other times it’s a nagging voice saying…’common, what are you doing with your time dude???
7, regarding ‘art’ ‘expression’ and ‘design’ I think expression (or creative voice) is the most important.
in closing:
directing ‘creativity’ among many modern people is mostly contrived and restricted by the constituencies that say ‘ this is good, that is bad, this is new’ and “art schools” (societies etc) rule this agreement., and derive their agreements from those whom they can get to agree with them so that they can continue to contrive… Meanwhile… we do see those among us who simply must act out now and then, because this overwhelming sense of “self” steaming and brewing inside ourselves says: “I must create…” no matter what I know this…
Ron Seivertson
Saturday afternoon, Oct. 13, 2012, Bali Indonesia
ps our website has now been resurrected… thanks to the creative genius of our webmaster, bekti sutanto!




To live is to create – Lots of creation leads to a lot of happiness.
The artist creates future and should be protected and helped.
By artist I mean the one who creates.
I believe that to be a great artist (or more) to observe both the first and important
thing . Is a wealth of memory and achievements that you can take when painting (open) as a drawer.
Very important as are all the other perceptions and background.
But I leave open a door to a knowledge of “Other”
Franco Corrocher


Sunil Vilas • Welcome to all new members joining us for the first time, thank you all for your valuable contribution.., what a lovely way to spend our weekend reading through all the comments, getting to know each other better by extending our friendship with likeminded members from around the globe.., sharing our time in the process of building a unique Big C (Creative) community.

Jacques – Israel; Brian – Johannesburg Area, South Africa; Johannes – Standerton Area, South Africa; Laura –New York; Ashley – Lexington, Kentucky; Tara – North Carolina; Cathy – San Diego Pamela – Gt Chicago; Jakuesta – Vigo Area, Spain ; Valentino – Manchester, UK; Iabadiou – Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Harry – San Francisco; FRANCO – Venice, Italy; Walter – New York & Jenny Gt Boston.

Thank you Ron for asking the questions, all relevant of getting to know each other better. I come from a family background of art and photography going back to my great grand father in India who led life by setting an example, to inspire people around him and believe in a long term vision. Our family business established by my father based in Africa was around photographic industry everything from traditional plate cameras to SLR before the digital technology. From an earlier age I view the world through a collection of cameras to develop my training and fascination for photography. I am also an artist qualified in fine art, graphic art & technical illustrating in UK. In the early 80’s established an advertising agency based in Africa. My current involvement in UK is in fine art and sculpture where we have gallery based founded in 1984 and I personally handle and promote established renowned International artists in my portfolio.

The question I ask has help to bring us together, shade away any barriers, talk openly live on our discussion forum, what’s on our mind?. Also gave us all an opportunity to question ourselves to sincerely added words to our own individual experiences.
From here we could look forward to working on our higher goals and a long term vision for the group..,
Have a pleasant weekend break!!!


Alejandra Álvarez Suárez

Alejandra Álvarez Suárez • Creativity and art are part of my life. I live for art, that is my main passion. It moves me and make my life more beautiful and magic.


Jose Salatino

Jose Salatino • Hi, I don’t speak english very well and it’s difficult to me express in the correct way. I can say that I agree with practically all the comments in this discussion. Every moment in my life I need move beyond the visible shield the things have, and this is a good terrain where the creativity grow. Sorry for my english and thanks for the this space where I can express that I’ think.


Virginia Erdie

Virginia Erdie •

I am haunted by visions of color, composition, and design. I lie awake many a night and think about a particular project I am working on, looking forward to tackling the art the next day in my studio. Many of my ideas originate from my interest in fractal theory and my obsession about other dimensions existing simultaneously with this particular reality. Now, I know that is difficult to express on canvas or with some tangible art, and my art differs greatly from one idea to another, but it keeps me going. I really have never cared about much else in life beyond creativity; much to the chagrin of my family. They are mostly gone now, and my husband seems to get me. I have spent decades working jobs to make a living and these jobs left me exhausted and in a world without creativity, but finally I am living my dream, making all kinds of art – paintings, 3-dimensional wall sculptures and humongous design chairs!


Ashley Gatewood

Ashley Gatewood •

Hi Cathy, to engage your question, my creativity benefits from the internet and globalization. Without the internet there is no other way for me to view international art except to travel or buy expensive books. With the internet I can type in exactly what I want (watercolor landscapes expressionism) and get dozens of artist’s work to inspire my own creativity. Not to mention the wealth of knowledge gleaned from fellow artist’s blogs and websites which is just wonderful.

And without the internet, I wouldn’t be half as effective in my marketing as an emerging artist since galleries typically only want established artists (catch 22). By the internet alone (Facebook Art Page, advertisements, my blog) I can let people know where and what I’m showing next. Beyond that, I can even sell without the formal representation of a gallery – though I personally love to exhibit my work for the public.


cathy breslaw

cathy breslaw • Has the internet affected the nature of your work, the ideas behind your work or how you see the world? Furthermore, if the internet “dropped out” tomorrow, how would your work change? As for me, the concept of the internet has furthered my explorations about the interconnectedness of all things, including my research into cosmology, as well as my thinking about inner space and outer space.


shivani virani

shivani virani • I am an artists and also promote art thru my gallery in Mumbai and my website, for me the internet has been of great help i have actually gone on youtube and seen demonstrations when i have felt like painting something new the ideas and learning ability from the net is superb and the convenience of it is outstanding .
It is a great networking tool and fab for business too.


shivani virani

shivani virani • creativity flows in every action of our lives . be a wife cooking or a teacher teaching, etc etc. All my works have always been inspired by the my observations in my day to day life . the colours and light around me have been the most important element and helped me paint everything I do today


Isak Lystad

Isak Lystad •

For me creative inspiration can come from anywhere, we must however be receptive to the multitude of ways in which these signals present themselves to us. At times it can be extremely subtle, in reflection sometimes I become inspired by things that I had initially overlooked.


Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • Sunil, all the things you mention are resources for the creative endeavor regardles of the individual particular expression. My primary expression is to paint and so light, .color, shape in a three dimensional perspective play an important role even though I create on a two dimensional plane. The perspectives of other diceplines allow me to understand the subject matter I seek to portray to a greater depth. Our desire to create demands a continuing learning process and desire to assimilate the world and human nature into our thought processes so that we can draw this array of experiences into the logic we use as part of the creative, intuitive discenment of reality we display in our work. To be open to think freely, to celebrate the creativity of humanity, to continually push our personal envelope, will always serve us well as artists.


Paul Mezei

Paul Mezei •

Dear Sunil,
All is true for me, because I think that there is no difference between these things. Colours,forms,rhytm,melody,composition,proportions,or the lack of these. I can say this about all kind of art. The root is the same,just manifests itself in a thousand different ways.
Creativity is rather the method,as we realize something thought or idea or feeling in our everyday life,even in art also.


Leyla Murr

Leyla Murr • To express yourself creatively requires courage first of all as your inner world is going public , anyone can criticise it and you yourself also adopt a stance of the viewer. Some artists develop a sense of self importance from an early stage which doesn’t do them any favours! Personally I take a risk every time, trusting my accumulated visual , emotional and practical experiences and switch off my internal judge completely, which enables me to feel my way through to creating a piece. It is always a struggle three quarters down the way because I do not plan , but when I get it right I feel complete.


Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier • It is good to see such a consensus on the afore mentioned positive attributes of creativity. I would be interested in seeing some comments on some of the things we do consciously or subcosciouslt that negate some of the positive influences.


Sunil Vilas •

Thank you for posting all the wonderful comments which all adds to how we all look at creativity differently, whether we are artists, photographers, sculptors, teachers, researchers, gallery owners, museums, or art critics..,

Harry – San Francisco; FRANCO – Venice, Italy; Alejandra – Madrid, Spain; Jose – Barcelona, Spain; Jacques – Israel ; Virginia – Miami/Fort Lauderdale; Ashley – Lexington, Kentucky; cathy – Greater San Diego; shivani – Mumbai, India; Isak – Florence, Italy; Peter – Bushnell, Florida; Paul – Hungary; Leyla – Bradford, United Kingdom;

In other group discussion
Alba – Rome, Italy; Jenny – Greater Boston; Alan – London, United Kingdom; Walter – New York; and Johnny – San Antonio
maria – Lisbon, Portugal; prakash – Mumbai, India; Cosmin – Romania; Ramon – Covasna, Romania; Ian – Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom

If we make an analysis of all the comments we will find that they all relate to our past and current experiences but if we where to change anything knowing all the facts.., what changes would we make and why? Would this change affect the way you apply your creativity?

Globalization ICAS News: Welcome your feedback!! Facebook page open to all members to join. You’ll need to register onto facebook as a member.
Click link or copy and paste onto your browser: Once connected simply click like button on the top page

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


johnny johnston

johnny johnston • Because my art is personal and I hope to leave something of words and art to the future rather than increasing my own wealth, I therefore am sending a message from my heart, a dream from my soul and an understanding that leads other to a place that provides interest and the desire to look beyond the walls which hold them hostage.


Dianne C. Brown

Dianne C. Brown • Creative by nature, I habitually approach everything in life with creativity. Whether it is problem solving in my personal life or in business, or simply expressing myself in my home and dress, creativity is an essential part of my process. But creativity does not just come from within me. As an art consultant I am privileged to be surrounded by art and creativity everyday, through the artists and designers I work with. Its the best job in the world.


Sayaka Ganz

Sayaka Ganz • I find inspiration in the process of problem (puzzle) solving. We are all very creative when trying to solve a problem to which an answer does not yet exist. My sculptures are each made from a series of small puzzles that I try to fit together as I go, creating new puzzles as I solve existing ones. Like you Dianne Brown I find great satisfaction in solving problems, whether it is in my art or my personal life or helping a friend.


FrAn LaREo

FrAn LaREo • dear sunil, thanks for giving me the opportunity to join this group.
For creativity is seen to the right that someone has to create.
My passion is sculpture in a small format.
I guess when we’re teaching plastically express our inner depths of our being is exposed.
I sometimes think we are completely “unarmed”.


Ellen Fisch

Ellen Fisch • That which sparks creativity can be in the form of problem solving. I agree with Sayaka. Or in a small format like FrAn. As artists creativity comes in the full range of opportunities. What is so wonderful about art and specifically creativity is that the artist is only bound by his/ her vision. Each day that vision may shrink or grow and each day, the artist adapts to a whole new world. Whether one is working on a new poem every day or the same painting for 6 months, the chance to continue is what makes, as Sunil so eloquently phrases it, “creativity flow.” And the beauty is that if you get blocked in one area, creativity can take you in another direction.


mai erard

mai erard • Just I say
Love is art and art is love


johnny johnston

johnny johnston •

Art to me is tied into life as confusion, spiritual release and energy which at just the right moment, as any passion might, drives my soul to a sense of release and an overwhelming desire to abandon thought for a time allowing me to journey into that place of seclusion and movement as my brush or had sweeps colors into forms tied within my thoughts and places them on canvas. As in a trance, almost convulsive in its control of my thoughts and movements I lose myself to all that surrounds me.


jacco hinke schouten

jacco hinke schouten •

Creativity is primarily make room to think freely and play….
My early paintings are mainly landscapes in which I try to seduce the viewer to admire ordinary scenes. When viewing a series of paintings the effect is poetic.
In my new series I place an object on its own stage. A still life is the perfect way to do this.
What inspired me to paint the Cibum Laboretur series is man’s attempt to recreate or improve existence as he wishes. This progress is both fascinating and surreal.
My Concha series takes that idea on further. I like to show the viewer an object that he will recognise as something natural and tactile, but with a little twist, suggestively painted leaving room for contemplation.
Spiritu represents the free human spirit. It’s the place where everything begins and ends, creation, recreation, the (im)material and emotion.
The Ohne series only exists because there is a primary need for me to create them, purely emotional.


Benjamin Casiano Art & Design

Benjamin Casiano Art & Design • A canvas becomes my doorstep to any place in the universe.


Sunil Vilas •

Welcome to all new members joining us for the first time, thank you all for your valuable contribution.., I use this discussion forum to get to know each members of the organisation better and believe to be our means of communication with one another.., this is Creativity at its best!!!
Johnny – San Antonio, Texas and Ellen – New York always a breath of fresh air to reading your both comments and have you fully on board..,
new members Dianne – United Arab Emirates; Sayaka – Fort Wayne, Indiana; FrAn – A Coruña, Spain; Mai – Grenoble, France; jacco – Eindhoven, Netherlands; Gary – Tucson, Arizona; Virginia – Miami/Fort Lauderdale; Gallery Nina – Norfolk, Virginia; Benjamin – New York ; Moran – Munich, Germany

I would like to change the concept of our discussion section by renaming it as our Creative Lounge, more personal pride for our space where we can make regular visits from our busy daily life seat back with a cup of tea and enjoy a pleasant break to share our thoughts live, put forward ideas that the group would like help setup and organise. Use this platform for advice and seek expert help directly from our panel or cross section of members from around the world.

Mantra of the Month – Creativity evokes Innovative thinkers!!!

Have a pleasant weekend break!!!.


John N. Cohen

John N. Cohen •

One of the essential differences between the artist and the photographer is that the artist always starts with a blank canvas, whereas the photographer’s canvas ‘the viewfinder’, or screen, is always full.

I believe I am really an artist who uses photography. Most photographers’ record reality and the best do that really well, but I prefer to create my own type of fantasy from life. To achieve my rather different pictures I had to invent my own pure photographic technique, long before anyone had computers.

I often start with an idea and then experiment with various images, but sometimes something unforeseen happens and I spot an interesting combination, that sends me down a totally fresh route, to create a very different picture than the one I originally planned! Strangely, it has always been these ‘inspired accidents’ that have turned out to be my most valued artworks. I hope my pictures surprise, intrigue and make quite a statement!

“John N. Cohen’s artwork incorporates several genres–ready-made objects, digital photography and Impressionist style of light painting – to create a striking and surreal effect that has a strong impact upon the viewer” Claudia Moscovici.


vered terry

vered terry •

Separation is so irrelevant, there are colors and shapes in sound, sound also takes place, time and space – it forms a sculpture if you want, paintings can be loud or whisper as a secret, they certainly can have rhythms, I know of photographers who are so creative and gifted ; each shot or print is a masterpiece, they are artists, since John cage – even a complete silence break the definition of music. Words are used in visual arts mainly after the 70s; the conceptual artists used more words than paint. For the comfort of categorization we can always sort visual arts or the others. Music from the others etc.
if they ask me – i am mainly a painter, this comes naturally.
Separation should take place only between good art or rubbish.


Jette van der Lende

Jette van der Lende • For me creativity is in everything. Food, cloths, being and of course in my art. And my art is in every thing. Every daily everyday thing. I use what I can see and find and create a stage painting to show my thoughts.


Benjamin Casiano Art & Design

Benjamin Casiano Art & Design • This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn from one another. Bravo!


Kevin Geary

Kevin Geary •

I have done so much creatively over the years; first I was a political cartoonist for the Financial Times in London at the age of 19. Then I had my first one-man show in London at the age of 20, opened by Harold Wilson, who lent the portrait I had done of him to the show. I did portraits for over 30 years and my work was acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London. But I have also done still-lifes, and abstracts, both geometric and abstract expressionist, all of which have met with success professionally. I have also been a poet as well (a strange phenomenon as I cannot sit down and write poems because I want to, no matter how hard I try, they come to me completely out of nowhere and I have to grab whatever I can and write them down as though they are being ‘dictated’ to me. They are absolutely complete, and I rarely change or tweak them afterwards. In that sense poetry for me is pure creation, but by the ‘muse’ rather than my own intent).

Recently (over the last 7-8 years), I have branched off into both completely imaginary “face paintings” as a reaction to pure abstraction and to the confinement of doing portrait commissions where “likeness” becomes a paramount concern, and even more recently to what I call, for lack of a better description, “abstracted yacht race” paintings. These last have been hugely popular with people, ofetn selling as soon as the paint’s dry! But I paint entirely from memory/imagination, not from any photo references. My intention is to convey the joy of sailing; the wind; the speed; the movement, when racing yachts on the ocean, or on a bay. I have no idea at all what I will do when I start these. They come out as I paint, with absolutely no planning or preliminary sketches or drawings. In that sense, they are pure creation, without any preconception.


Edward de Jong

Edward de Jong •

So many great comments! I agree with almost all. My contribution may restate what others have covered, but I hope it helps.
Humanity is a family, but we don’t all know it that well. Humans are physical, animal, and intellectual beings, but we are also spiritual, which to me means that we have the capacity to know and to love(love the truth and love others) consciously. All humans have some kind of gifts to use in their own particular path of spiritual growth. For artists, it’s the use of imagination to explore and share our exploration of the–more or less shared– inner journey of humanity. The artist’s tools may be used for good or not, for love and service to others or for gratifying the ego of self or others–and there are many degrees in between those extremes.
My particular personal passion and exploration recently is in the area of figuring out how, in sharing and in collaboration with others, artists can help to bring humanity together in the face of the various crises which confront us, and here I am thinking about global warming, water shortage, energy limitations, the strange growth in extremes of wealth and poverty, social breakdown, and the list goes on. With all the wealth of experience that we each have in our own geographical, social, and intellectual contexts, I’m sure we can all bring something to this ‘movement’ that’s already happening to some extent, that of humanity recognizing its essential oneness and forgetting our non-essential differences and prejudices to work together to avert global catastrophes and build a positive future for our descendants.


Edward de Jong

Edward de Jong •

Kevin, I have done these imaginary faces (-drawings in my case) since I was in my teens, as part of my regular exploration. I’m now 60. I’ve done farm work, ambulance and taxi driving, egg and roof truss delivery, sign painting and installation, English and French teaching, customer service, and translation.
I’ve lived most of my life in Ontario Canada, small town to big city of Toronto, and also spent 14 years in French Guiana, South America.
I think each human has his own spiritual journey, (as the Moody Blues expressed it, In Search of the Lost Chord) and for some it leads really to the depths of despair and the heights of ecstasy, and good art shares that and I brings us together.

I’d like to invite everyone to have a look:

FrAn LaREo


mandy-jayne ahlfors

mandy-jayne ahlfors •

Good afternoon Sunil I’m new to the group on a rare spare moment I would like to say thank you for accepting me to be a part of the group & wonderful to meet up.

I’m a Derbyshire based artist I’ve been on a journey of art for many years since a young child. I’ve learnt to embrace & express my work in different ways over the years. I paint various subjects from my memories, nature to surreal art & abstracts & portraits. I usually paint in acrylic finding this my most versatile medium including mixed media depending on the subject.
I’m currently exhibiting my Ethereal Series landscapes at East Midlands Airport, Castle Donnington UK.

In between my current projects “Autumn Inspirations” based on Derbyshire landmarks & English heritage buildings this project may well turn into “Four Seasons” I am also working on a series called “Fragments Of My Mind” this series is a portrait of my thoughts & memories- this particular series is taking me a long time to complete & will hopefully be complete by April 2013.



Cosimo Carmosino

Cosimo Carmosino •

“Creative arts inspires us all, touches our souls and awakens our curiosity to seek our Creator, God. My enthusiasm, inspirations and pleasure I get when I create art brings me to a spiritual elevation and into my serene place that connects me to my visual and sound garden as I cultivate my creative passions to harvest unique fruits from my art. No matter what the artistic and creative expressions maybe, they are extensions of our spirituality communicating among each other that connects us to our roots and branches of the theme, We Are All One ; So let’s travel our journey in harmony with God.”

– Cosimo Carmosino


Suzanne Frazier

Suzanne Frazier •

As a contemplative artist, I share my contemplation through my oil paintings. My contemplation is focused on the world, landscape, light, people, ideas that swirl around. I am privileged to construct my lifestyle to embrace creativity. I plan my day so I am creative all day, just not doing the same activity all day. Every day is an opportunity for creative practice, creative expression and creative exploration.

You can view my work at:

I look forward to participating in discussions and inquiry into creativity, art-making, a life of being fully human.


Edward de Jong

Edward de Jong • Lovely colour and spirituality, Suzanne!


The weekend and today in the Creative Lounge – When you have spare moment from your busy life, do visit us to read new comments and meet all members joining us.
Artists: uma – UK; FrAn – Spain; Johnny – San Antonio, Texas;
Benjamin – New York; Elaine – San Diego; Vered – Israel;
Kevin – Phoenix, Arizona; Edward – Ontario, Canada; Suzanne – Gt Denver

Photographers: John – Málaga, Spain John thank you for valid comments from earlier period we’ve seen how the use of camera and photography influenced artists of all period likes of Vermeer comes to mine, brilliant use of natural daylight and placement of his figures in room using every space to balance his composition, including the light to dark areas capturing the atmosphere of the room in his work to his famous portraiture painting of a young girl title: Girl with a Pearl earring.., the same concerns of what make’s iconic images or works or art are issued both artists and photographers face what to include and leave out in their composition to make a successful painting or photograph!!

Sculptors: FrAn – A Coruña, Spain; Cosimo – Montreal, Canada;

Dealer: – Didier – France; Antony – Monaco; Michel – Lyon, France; Vivienne – London, UK; Michael – Zimbabwe; Jette – Oslo, Norway; Mandy- Derby, UK;

This Month’s Mantra – Creativity evokes Innovative thinkers!!!
I look forward to reading some of your comments of how this thought brings new direction to your work over a period..,


Jette van der Lende

Jette van der Lende •

Hi, just for the record – am a painter – not sculptor. I work with light and dark because
The light gives the motif shape
The light gets the color to communicate
The light become alive in the meeting with the dark
In the meeting with the dark the light comes alive
My bridge to you goes through the painting
The motif is my thoughts
I give the motif all my attention
but the motif will stand alone without me


Edward de Jong

Edward de Jong • Lots of good things in that poem, Jette!


Catherine de la Potterie

Catherine de la Potterie •

Creativity flows thorough our Life? For an artist being a daily observer of life in light & colour; A sculptor in the shape of things; A poet in words; And musician in sound. What’s true for you?

I am a woman on earth.
From the hublau of a boeing or an Airbus flying 10 000 meters high Earth appear to be a spherical piece of silicium.
I see the mouvement of the airplane around earth, of earth around the sun or stars.
Tectonic plates strength appears through the height of mountain ranges.

From a smaller airplane 5000 meters high plafond maximum Earth appear to be more detailed. I can see its colours, water, volcanos, towns, fields, forest, nature. I can see the engines strength velocity by the aura of the propeller through the hublau.

Through the looking glass of a microscope, a sheet of stone shows me the strange strength of evolution and metamorphosis.

When I draw a piece of stone in the most symbolistic way I draw pentagones and the Infinite in Geometry.

Walking through the desert I find roses.

In a cave I still see earth and it’s fractal structure.

On the wall of the cave I draw a circle and an hippocampus., a tree of live whith water.

Sitting on the stone, I think that Every man is an artist and phenomenology of perception comes through the code he chose to transmit it. The meaning of life and to the Big Bang Theory are related to univers.

Peace and love


Tetka Rhu

Tetka Rhu • Totally agree Sunil that creativity flows through our life.
It is the expression of that Creativity that is peculiar to the individual that not only supports one’s individual life, learning and healing, it is a vehicle to support and sustain the lifestyle of choice for (in my opinion) the greater good of the whole.

The knowing deep within side of me that PEACE is a natural state of being has led me on a quest of personal victory to Own my many gifts which stem from the core of Spiritual Healing.
Metaphysical Sciences through studying and training the art of Karate-do supported my understanding of the depths of the wellspring of Creativity we ALL hold within.
To this end, as part of my duty of care to the code of Universal Conduct I express myself wholeheartedly through Fine ART.
The expression and designated outcome flows through me as I connect to the energies and Principals of World PEACE.
The awareness and knowledge that the power of my creations are instrumental in healing all those who embrace my work to live in economic and emotional health.

There is much more I can add however in the moment suffice to say I stand UP tall and participate in the engagement of people being at PEACE in their life…. Tetka


Parra Art

Parra Art •

Like all of you, I have had many experiences during my life. I feel that I stand at the end of a long journey, we could say in French “ à l’orient de tout”..

At this time, I say words that correspond to my ideas of the world.

I write poems on various topics, and I also write about paintings, especially those of Mariannic. Parra I carry the inheritance of Homere, Shakespeare, Cerventes and others, and many painters and sculptors.

I am haunted by two extreme themes : evil and beauty which are the two great mysteries of of life’s adventure.

We can conceive evil, we have the proof in the XXth century that absolute evil exists. On the other hand, there is beauty. The universe is not always beautiful, but when we see beauty, it does not leave us unmoved.

It is necessary to face evil and beauty.

I published about 40 books of poetry, theater. My main topics are love, sickness, old age, the Holocaust, the homeless, works on the world today: the war in Gaza, the Arab spring, the war in Lybia, and now the conflict in Syria, etc.

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