Why artists become Artists?

portrait masterartists3One of the most interesting aspects of art is understanding the why and the how of “becoming” an artist.

There is a myth that artists are somehow born knowing that they are artists, or that some event occurs in their lives that causes them to become artists, or that artists starve to create, artists are misunderstood, artists are creative undisciplined types who could only ever be artists, etc..,


I have met many artists, and I have found that very few of them meet common stereotypes. It has been suggested that all of us, at one point or another produced what can arguably be called “art”. We seek image-making to be a form of communication and pleasure.

“Knowledge has its Origin in our Perception”. – Leonardo Da Vinci.

“Try to put well in practice what you already know. In so doing, you will, in good time, discover the hidden things you now inquire about”. – Rembrandt.

“I am Seeking. I am Striving. I am in it with all my heart “. – Vincent Van Gogh.

“Every child is an artist. The problem to how to remain an artist once he grows up”. – Pablo Picasso.

The question concerns all of us. As an organisation with members from around the globe, we want to cover the topic in more detail here in our CREATIVE LOUNGE. Perhaps through the process of sharing our thoughts and views, we will get a better understanding, at the same time, try to eliminate any stigmas attached?.

What do you say? Do you believe it to be any different for you?

Linda Sue Busch 

Linda Sue Busch – Wauseon, Ohio, USA.

Graduated December 21, 2013, with a BFA in 2D Art in Painting and Drawing at Bowling Green State Univ., Bowling Green, OH.

I knew when I was 8 yrs old that I was an artist. I dreamed of someday going to art school. All through grade school, I was the class artist that drew things for the teacher and the other kids to decorate. I won drawing contests.
From Jr. High on, I became a part of the world of academia and business. In 1973, when I graduated, women weren’t supposed to be artists and go to art school. Art was a man’s world. Women were supposed to be secretaries or nurses.
While in college, I painted, but my paintings were lacking the knowledge of the refining process. Through the years of working, marriage, and family, my art became totally foreign.
Then in 2009, I lost my job after 20 yrs. I was 54. Twenty people in their fifties with medical histories were let go. I was lost. I had played around with art on the computer, but nothing serious. I was so lost I thought it was the end of my life. I prayed, “Lord, what do I do now? What do I do with the rest of my life at my age?” With my heart open, I heard Him ‘loud and clear,’ “You know what to do. I gave you a gift a long time ago. You haven’t used it. Now you will go back to school and learn how to use your gift. When you are done, I have a plan for you.”
Without question or hesitation, I immediately went to the local community college and enrolled in Visual Communication. In the required drawing class, I found myself. I stood up one day and yelled, “I know who I am now!” My teacher called me her light bulb. After 1-1/2 yrs and an Associates degree, I enrolled in Bowling Green State University School of Art. After passing my Portfolio Review with flying colours, I was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. I graduated in Dec.2013, at age 59 (the oldest graduate at that time), with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2D Painting and Drawing.
I still don’t have a job now that I’m 60, but I couldn’t be happier. I have God constantly pushing me and my refined gift. And I have art friends and teachers (also friends) from school for encouragement and answers to questions.
I believe that Art is Who You Are Inside, Coming to the Outside in Solid View.


Sunil Vilas


Good evening Linda, thank you for sharing and congratulation on your achievements, I would call it your second life that began after at the age of 54. With your future ahead of you, where age has no limits or boundaries.
Please do keep in touch!!..,

Thomas Maes

Thomas Maes – Brasschaat, Belgium, Europe.

Director TM-Art Fine Arts, Artist, Designer, Advise and consulting international affairs, International Art & Cultural

It’s all about vision, observation and recreating of what we see into a better, more suitable physical reality… As a philosophy, ask the question, why? And creating the answer to a physical state. I don’t think it’s only about the talent you have or what you know, but the unending desire to create, recreate, find answers and bring what is non-physical to the physical. Everyone can learn a technic (with some, it takes longer than others), but the originality of the new creation is what makes it…

Mookie Tenembaum

Mookie Tenembaum

Philosopher at Disillusionism

An Artist is a combination between the individual in question’s abilities and, crucially, his willingness. Someone’s specific abilities are objective facts that may be learned after studying him, and willingness, on the other side may be inferred partially through his behaviour and sometimes through words, but the biggest hurdle is that I could never know what it feels to be you.

Kay Reese

Kay Reese – Irvington, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Artist/Photographer & Executive Producer at Neumaa Arts LLC

I didn’t become an artist. I discovered I already was one. My understanding of myself had to catch up to the reality of my existence, and way of being in the world, and my response to that world.

Herminia Haro

Herminia Haro – Peru.

Independiente at Taller propio

Doing Art for me is a way to show who we are from inside of ourselves, a way of showing our complex inner world, it’s a necessity. Art is the place where I feel I belong.

Ray (Erasmo) Signore

Ray (Erasmo) Signore – New York, U.S.A.

Realist Artist / Painter / Sculptor.

My story is very different. When I was a little boy I love art ,I felt it in my blood and I want to paint on canvas.Living in small town in south Italy it was impossible to buy a canvas. So I cut some of my mother bed sheet and I painted on it .I always treasure it with me.
My dream faded when my father pulled me off school to help him as fisherman.The Good Lord is always on my side to help me with my art .I was 50 yrs old when I start to take art classes .Close to retirement I had to leave my job ,because the company sent all jobs over sea. I ask to work for Silvermine art center (CT) and I was accepted.The Lord works in mysterious way, and I was able to take a free art lessons. My dreams came true. Now I paint and I sculpt.

antonino Gambino

antonino Gambino – Palermo, Italy

Direttore Amm.vo presso Ministero delle Infrastrutture e Trasporti, ma principalmente “ARTISTA”

I am artist by accident, in the family are artists sculptor and painter uncle and my brother sculptor and art teacher. I was born an artist to imitate them, though since I drew and scribbled sheets to hide. Sheets I’ve dusted off later and that I have allowed to be what they are today. So the student surpassed the master (uncle and brother). I’m not a real artist, but a little water carrier of art source. I have little time to devote to my passion but what I do is done with love, insanity, ingenuity, imagination, mostly portraying the world that surrounds me, person facts, history. I feel bound, family binds me, my work as administrative director binds me, i think the real artists are those who do not have constraints, wild animals that can express their own instincts and represent them on that white support filling it with color, shapes, strokes, smudges, remembering always to represent only the best, because it is in this way that you transmit happiness, love, Joie de vivre, peace and brotherhood, erasing hate

W.M. Aslam

W.M. Aslam – Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

(Author/Artist / Illustrator) children’s & young adult fiction

I’d say some people are acutely aware of design, form and colour from an early age. It could be that their parents or teachers made them aware of such areas and created a “taste” within them and the household. As a young kid, I used to pay close attention when my mother would comment on various design qualities of objects such as cups, bags and other everyday objects. She’d ask me for my opinion too. My father did the same with anything D.I.Y related. I knew I wanted to become a designer or artist, something which led me to become an author and illustrator. We become artists not by choice, but by being offered a creative outlet and means to pour out the many ideas that float around inside our head, just waiting to be born. We must create it to see it in a tangible form then move on to the next idea. If I don’t write I can’t sleep. I get ideas at 2 am or 7 am and keep a note pad by my bed. It’s really a calling and one few are able to answer.

Leon Foxwings

Leon Foxwings – Bahrain.

Artist & Illustrator

because there’s nothing else for us to do…

Emmanuel Beyens

Emmanuel Beyens – Brussels, Belgium, Europe.

Artist – Contemporary portraits

For my part, I became an artist because it was my nature, because on my opinion it is what I do the best and also because it is the only job I can do several hours in a row without stopping. It occurred to me at some point that being an artist was my place here on earth, in spite of my social and family environment very unfavorable to this vocation.

Lucía Borrallo

Lucía Borrallo – A Coruna, Spain, Europe.

Artist painter & Interior Designer [Infographics]

From small and I always remember, I liked to draw and I think that at 6 years thought already that I would like to study fine arts. I have studied interior design and painting was my hobby. My goal this is to be able to devote myself fully, which is what I have always wanted to do. My creativity comes from my unconscious. Sorry for my English.

R.K. Emmett

R.K. Emmett – United Arab Emirates.

Artist, Fine and Modern Art

Me ponally, I feel I was born to be an artist. I was always deeply profoundlyated with creation and colou; I’dd spend hours looking at the sky, sunsets or stars. Now, as an adult,t I try to look at everything with the same wonder and aweIthat i did as a child. Art is my way of attempting to capture that moment when you see something that makes you feel alive and connected with the universe

Titus Hora

Titus Hora – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


There is no understanding of the ‘wh,y’ but there is an understanding of the ‘how’. Talent is the will to practice.

Gordon Liddle

Gordon Liddle  – Sheffield, UK.


I would suggest it is a curse or a form of autism. All my affliction has done is cost me ,money and yet I still can’t stop it.

Doris Gilbert

Doris Gilbert  – Greater Nashville, US.A.

Fine Artist

We become artists because we love creating something from nothing. When I was in grammar school, I made drawings in my book rebooting to the subject of the information. It was not required, but I that I needed to do that. I never thought about the future as an artist. I just decided one day that I love to paint and draw and wanted to do it whenever I could.


Sunil Vilas Letchworth Garden City, UK.


Good evening and welcome to all; Wednesday, halfway to our week.

Hello to Dori,s a hearty welcome to you, and thank you for sharing your journey of being an Artist also, hello to our active member Lucia Borrallo,; please feel to make your comments in Spanish if you prefer,; as a global organisation, we encourage everyone’s views and opinions and if writing in your own language is easy to communicate your thoughts?

Enjoy the rest of your evening..,

Linda Brobeck

Linda Brobeck  – Greater  Minneapolis, U.S.A.


We make art because we must. We make art regardless of financial success, recognition, or understanding. We make art to understand our purpose. We make art because we feel close to our Creator when we create. We make art because our spirits would wither and die if we did not. It is our purpose, our calling.

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3 Comments on “Why artists become Artists?”

  1. I guess I never had a real choice. I was drawn into the depths of images and stories from early age on. And every now and then when I doubt what I’m doing there comes someone, a complete stranger or a person I know, out of the blue and thanks me for how something I’ve made has given strength, inspiration or just peace of mind. That gives me the strength to stumble on…

  2. Good evening to you all..,, Thank you to Anneli Df for your valuable contribution to our topic of discussion. What a wonderful example of being rewarded and finding satisfaction in ART from appreciation of our admirers of our work.

  3. Very interesting subject. I must admit that I did not read the other comments posted by other artists which I will do later on.
    I have been thinking why I am or want to be an artist ? Well. I already have a career and good paying job. I like what I do , so I can not say I wanted to change that.
    The shortest answer would be, I am so fit to the life style of creating art. The thoughts, the engagements, the process, the imagination, the time I spend with myself creating art and listening to music, the connection that I make with other artist’s work, The disconnection from the busy sometime crazy life events. The disinterest in social life and its useless gatherings.
    So, it is the life style I have chosen for myself regardless of the end result such as selling or not selling arts.

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