Vered Terry Realism Landscape painter from Israel

Gicas partnership logoVered TerryWe proud to welcome landscape painter Vered Terry born 1956 Jerusalem, Israel. She graduated at the Bezalel Art Academy in 1983. Vered won awards in the GICAS monthly theme exhibition in 2013, with her landscape realism painting therefore selected to join the GICAS list of artists to showcase a group exhibition here at ICAS -Vilas Fine Art.  An accomplished artist presented here in our first show Colour of Life part I with her collection of realism oil paintings of the lovely scenes around the Jordan valley and Judean Hills areas were she spend most her time painting. She has had numerous International exhibitions both solo and group shows.  Her other passion is that she enjoys writing poem in 1993 release her first book on poems “Broken Walls”.

1979 – 1983 – Graduate of Bezalel Art Academy                                                                  

1985  – 1986 – Studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence                                           

1986  – 1989 – Teaching at Jinogly Art Workshop in Jerusalem                                          

1989 – 1990 – Studies in “Hofen” – experimental education

Vered Terry section

Title: Almond Tree 2013 Judean Hills Size: 30cm x 30cm

Title: Almond Tree 2013 Judean Hills
Size: 30cm x 30cm


2004 – “Back Yard” The Jerusalem Theatre; Beck Centre for Sciences. Duo exhibition, Jerusalem.                                                                                                                                                                                            

2004 – 2006 – Exhibitions in Duillier, in Nyon and in Pully, Switzerland;                                                                                      

2007 August – “Macaan” Duo exhibition, Gallery Twenty Four, Tel Aviv;                                                                                     

2008 March – “Field of vision”‘ Nora Gallery, Jerusalem; Sept-Oct – “Windows from Jerusalem” gallery “Nunbet Books” Tel Aviv; Oct-Nov “Field of Vision” Gallery Ei Amsterdam;“December” group exhibition, Gallery Ei Amsterdam.                                                                                                                                                                                        

2009 Jan- Feb -“Field of vision” Podium Muzaiek” Amsterdam; Feb – Mar “Winter” group exhibition, Nora Gallery;  Nov – Dec – “Tracks” oil paintings, Nora Gallery, Jerusalem; Nov – Dec – “Crisis” group exhibition, Gallery Ei Amsterdam.                         

2010 – “Home” group exhibition, Gallery of Haella Artists;  April – “Salon International” group exhibition, Greenhouse Gallery Texas USA;“Spring” group exhibition, Gallery of Haella Artists; “Ecology Matters” group exhibition, Gallery of Haella Artisits

2011 – “Wine Posters” group exhibition, Gallery of Haella Artists; “It’s from Home” group exhibit in Museum of Gedera;  “Shulhan Aruh” group exhibition of Haella Artists; April -“Salon International” Greenhouse gallery Texas; April – May  “Ghosts Spirits & Demons” Duo exhibit with Robin Terry, Gallery of Haella Artists;  July – Aug – “Couples Theme” Group exhibition, Gallery of Haella; Nov –  “Light” Group exhibition, Gallery Ei, Amsterdam.                                                                                  2012 Mar – April – “Open Space” Group exhibition, Gallery of Haella Artists;  Aug – Oct – “”Lavan” Group exhibition.  Gallery of Haella Artists.

2013 Feb – May- “נוֹשֵׂא כֵּלִים”  ” Caddy” – Gallery of Haella Artists; Nov – “Shine” Group exhibition, Galerie Ei, Amsterdam.

vered Terry Jordan Valley series 4

vered Terry Jordan Valley series 3

vered Terry Jordan Valley series 1

Title: Anticipation size: 70cm x 50cm

Title: Anticipation
size: 70cm x 50cm




contact: SUNIL VILAS


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