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Celebration of ART’s 2013 – monthly theme exhibitions..,

Globalization icas logoGICAS (Globalization International Contemporary Artists & Sculptors) Monthly Theme Exhibitions.

peter fil largeTo present the concept of the GICAS theme exhibitions I have to begin with an introduction of its founder Sunil Vilas.  A man  of vision and a deep understanding of the world of Art in these times, Sunil, through his desire to leave the world a better place has founded an organization dedicated to help artists evolve into the best they can be as artists and global citizens. To him GICAS is a community all-inclusive of artists and industry professional dedicated to creating an environment of learning and growth. His goal is to enhance the understanding of the interrelationship of the artist and the art professionals of the industry in a joint vision of creating a relationship beneficial to all involved, resulting in increased opportunities engaged in creating and participating in venues that reflect transparency, honesty and a learning environment that all participants can engage in that enhances their standing within the enterprise of creating and promoting art. His vision encourages individual development and a sense of family within the membership, which brings together discussions and concepts contributing to the relevance of culture, history and individual contribution to the evolution of art.

There is a movement in art that we would call art from within. It is the expression of the individual from within. It does not deny beauty or technical skill for they have always been compliments of art. It requires honesty and courage and a desire to share. In this inner expression the artist is revealed through his or her work expressing their uniqueness through the originality of their work regardless of style, medium or technique. This striving for originality is acknowledged in the theme exhibitions.
In the past, groups of artists have gathered to share ideas, concerns and venues to show their work. This need for community among artists still exists and now on an international level as. Technology makes the world an instantaneous forum.  GICAS is a gathering a community of artists and art professionals within the broadness of the art world without the hype and vanity forums that function purely for a commercial purpose

The GICAS theme exhibitions began in December of 2012. The concept was to create a venue for members to show and discuss each other’s work. Soon the concept of creating an online venue evolved and the idea of jurying and commentary from the jurors was introduced. Then the concept I continued to evolve and is now at a point of introducing actual Galley exhibitions. The first exhibition will be in Letchworth, Garden   City, England this spring at Gallery  ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

The theme exhibitions are much more than a venue for artists to exhibit their work. This is for artist of all stages of development who are interested in a continual process of evolving as artist. It is a forum for viewing new works of fellow artist, getting commentary from jurors about your work and encouragement to experiment with new concepts, styles and mediums.  It is an all-inclusive group of artists, writers, academics, curators and gallery professional from around the world, from all cultures and age groups with the only premise for entry being a deep desire to advance one’s openness, to advance one’s skills, to expand creativity, and respect one another’s work and opinions. It is also a venue of opportunity. Each exhibition is scored and exhibiting artists are awarded honours such as Best in Show and awards of Merit. Winners of best in show are given the opportunity to exhibit in actual gallery exhibitions.

GICAS members direct the exhibitions as volunteers and the panel of jurors is composed of critics, galleries, writers and international artists all of whom volunteer their time to help, Members are encouraged to participate in directing the exhibitions as it is a learning experience in helping them in producing their own solo exhibitions and further their understanding of the relationship between the artist and the professionals that critique, promote and create venues for their work. It stresses the concepts of commitment and integrity in working relationships within the industry. The GICAS theme exhibitions are fee free but do require a commitment to better one’s self in terms of our work, our relationship with others and our nature of giving in terms of taking part in the goal of helping others as we help ourselves. It is an opportunity for all involved in the art industry to take part in learning and sharing. It is  an enriching experience as cited by these brief testimonials;

“I am so pleased to be able to enter the GICAS shows because they are so encouraging and helpful to me as an emerging artist.
The fantastic feedback from well-respected jury members is the highlight for me. It is so useful to get constructive honest feedback from art professionals who are much more experienced than me. It encourages and guides me at the same time. It gives personal value to my work.
I also learn from other artist submissions and get inspiration from the way others see things and express their ideas”.

Best wishes , Lesley Oldaker (Switzerland)

“Here go my feelings about participating to the Monthly Themed Shows:
I find so many advantages, first at all, it allows me to be known as an artist and show my work from my local environment to the whole world.
 Hermania1Know and enjoy the different proposals and techniques from my fellow artists.
The most important is to get constructive criterion’s from each entry and learn from them. This allows to all participants to improve and grow, it’s priceless”.

Best wishes, Herminia Haro Guzman (Peru)

“I love that the Globalization ICAS themed exhibitions are all inclusive and absolutely open to everyone.  Only a few rules to follow and you can enter. Emerging artists through to long time professionals are welcome to enter.  Every month I am amazed that our themed exhibition has such a broad spectrum of media and that each artist is working from their own point of growth and developing their own unique art language. As one of the jurors, I assess the composition: balance, rhythm, colors and tones of each art work.  My intention when commenting as a juror is to share my insights about each art work and especially to honour each artist’s creative process.

LAARA head shot may 8To view these works of art from artists around the world each month and be a juror. is a true joy.  I consider it a wonderful honour and a position of trust to be one of the jurors for the Globalization ICAS themed exhibitions.“

 Laara WilliamSen (Internationally acclaimed Canadian abstract painter)

2013  – Congratulations to Winners – Theme Exhibition “Best in Show”  as follows;

January –  First exhibition – no awards.

February – Donald Spencer – Title –  “Labyrinth”

March – Lloyd Knowles – Title –  “Black Angels -2”

April – Lesley Oldaker  – Title –  “Passing Through”

May – Merce Pla – Title – “Crises”

June – Susie Woolf – Title – “Northgate Casualty”

July – Vered Terry – Title – “Free Robert”

August – David Fowler – Title – “Codex Seasons”

September – Vered Terry – Title – “One Solid Truth”

October – Lesley Oldaker – Title – “Shop Till You Drop”

November – Edgar Plaute – Title – “The Horror of Feelings”

GICAS is represented on Face Book, Word Press, and LinkedIn. Globalization ICAS discussions are posted on LinkedIn. Our website for more information

We invite visitors to enjoy our web site and interested prospective members to partake in this collaborative venture to add value to all aspects of creating and promoting Fine Art.

To view a copy of the ART & BEYOND, simply click the link below

Celebration of Art 2013 – Looking back to one of our successful program to build from here..,

Thank you to Mela for your continued support and to Peter for writing this article. We would like to take this opportunity to get your feedback & comments for us to improve our program for 2014 – 2015..,

GICAS theme exhibition 2013














Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Congratulation to all members who received an award from our International panel of jurors.., This has qualified each member to continue with their development having their work represented in a group exhibitions as part of our partnership galleries program starting in the England, UK ICAS – Vilas Fine Art in February with the COLOUR OF LIFE 2014.

We welcome feedback or comments to address any changes that you may wish to be reflected in our monthly theme exhibitions!!


antonino Gambino

antonino Gambino

Direttore Amm.vo presso Ministero delle Infrastrutture e Trasporti, ma principalmente “ARTISTA”

Hi Sunil and Peter, please I can’t translate the article, if you can send it by e-mail so I can comment, thanks. Peter you have my contact. For the moment I can only say thank you on behalf of all my colleagues


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who have actively supported our monthly theme exhibitions to all members who submitted their work for each exhibition and not forgetting our list of jurors who all serve as panel of jurors for each show.

Our established International artists’, art critics, art galleries, art editors, & art galleries:
1. Mona Youssef – Canada;
2. Laara Williamsen – Canada;
3. Renee Sigel – Swizerland;
4. Lisa Pollman – USA;
5. Renata Panizzieri – Italy;
two sub committee members
1. Peter Filzmaier
2. Didier Dubuy
3. Nectar Soliman – Australia;
4. Cathy Breslaw – San Diego, USA;
5. Ranjan Munshi – India / USA;
6. Pri -Ya Chen – London, UK;
7. Mary Karlton – San Francico, USA;
8. Pauline Thomas – UK;
9. Carole Murphy – Portland Oregon, USA;

We hope you’ll continue the good work we all started in volunteering your services for the second year were we expect the standard of work to improve and grow.
I am delighted to confirm that through the effort of our monthly theme online exhibitions seven artists have secured their places to participate in group exhibitions representing GICAS artists as part of our partnership galleries program starting with UK gallery ICAS – Vilas Fine Art in February 2014.

Congratulation to you ALL !!!


antonino Gambino

antonino Gambino

Direttore Amm.vo presso Ministero delle Infrastrutture e Trasporti, ma principalmente “ARTISTA”

I read the article by Peter, I congratulate him and tell him thanks. Thank you because it is a very deep person, caring and who knows how to listen. The latter no dowry is of all persons but only of the wise men. Thanks for you and Sunil this family is united, thank you for giving us the opportunity to present to we artists, monthly contest, the themed work or a new job, this at least for me it was a goal. I want to congratulate the entire jury for the great work done by devoting time clipped among their many engagements. I’m happy but at the same time disappointed, disappointed because I don’t see among participants in this month’s themes of young artists, young in age. Could be a way to compare two generations, through artistic thought. This did not happen, why? Maybe the young artists feel superior or who knows what? Maybe they think it’s all wasted time? Who can or knows my can give a reply


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Antonino thank you for your response.., Your message will go out as a challenge to all the young artists who are members of our GICAS family to prove him wrong at the same time it would be good to see your work shared among artists,art agents, art galleries and dealers to get your work notice. We welcome all the young artists around the globe to take up the challenge. Good Luck to you all!!!


Peter Filzmaier

Peter Filzmaier

Artist at Filzmaier Studio

Mila at Art & Beyond is a dedicated professional in the art market and is in the business of promoting artists. She is also dedicated to giving to the art community as she often awards covers for artist’ images of their work and makes many free announcements in her on line magazine. She contributed two pages for the article on our theme exhibitions. I am glad to see people like her involved in the art business. 

Edgar Plaute

Edgar Plaute

Seniors Maschinenbauingenieur, fine art craftsman “Der Andere Linolschnitt” linocuts multi-colored, spatula stone&tiles

… ich gratuliere herzlich … Ihr seid wirklich die besten der weltweiten GICAS-Familie … und ich gestehe, dass ich euch beneide! … Viel viel Erfolg!
… Servus aus Österreich …
Edgar “I’m a linocut – but you are the best”

… I congratulate you … you are truly the very best of the world’s gicas family … and I admit that I envy you! … Lots of luck!
… Servus from Austria …
Edgar “I’m a linocut – but you are the best”


Sunil Vilas

Founder / Managing Director / Art Dealer, ICAS – Vilas Fine Art

Good afternoon Mela welcome to our creative lounge, Thank you for all the support your magazine ART & BEYOND has provided Globalization ICAS for 2013.
Further adding two pages article written by our Head of monthly theme Team Peter Filzmaier, in the latest issue January/February helping to support and promote Best of Arts around the globe..,

We look forward to your continued support for 2014. And take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the New Year..,

Mila Ryk

Mila Ryk

Owner/Publisher at Art & Beyond Studio, Inc., Co-Owner/Director at Rhythm & Beyond, Corp.

Hello Sunil, It is my pleasure to support and help artists to promote their art. “It is no easy way to be successful in the art if your artwork is not noticed.”-Mila

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Respect old things. Experience those old things. But take the old outer shell away and create something new from it. This is the true nature of “tradition.”

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