5 Comments on “Restyling”

  1. Title is well expressed in your painting with attractive set of colors. Having that red curtain taking part of the background added the striking look and the shadow on the mirror’s handle have some dimension. If you made the lady looking at the mirror, the painting would have gained a stronger a mysterious indirect effect to tie the title with the painting.

    Good job and keep you creativity alive with my best wishes.

  2. Antonino, you’ve been questioning well appearances under a somewhat coarse image; We’re seduced by the diversity of artifacts while the true image remains hidden from us as the mirror which never lies -like everybody knows- only shows his back.
    The composition is well served by the color masses & harmony, printing a turning movement & generating depth plans. You’ve reached for great coherence there, congratulations.

  3. Hello Antonino, Thank you for your submission. Your composition is very strong! I like the use of red and green which gives the art work a powerful push pull effect. Also the thought put into this composition speaks of your ability to create a composition that is well balanced, has rhythm, and is tonally pleasing. The mirror suggests an interior view of self as well as the two hair colors. I wish you much success in all you do! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

  4. Good morning Mono, Didier, Peter and Laara, thank you for the comments to my work. I hold to specify that it is not painting but a wooden inlay, therefore if the work seems a pò flat and because there is no brushstroke. “Restyling” draws a theme very discussed today “The being or to appear – Inside or out.” The woman and also the man, has the tendency to modify their external aspect to like him e/o to like to the others, but inside him rimanre what he is. A book could be written on the theme but it is not the case. Following amount carried over the explanation related to the work from me written:
    A cut quà, a cut there, to follow the detail of the cartiglio on the cut out sheet.

    A cut quà, a cut there, I want some nose the straight line, of the cheekbones the bacon, of the mouth the erect lip, of the eyelid the drawer, of the eyebrow the bow.

    A cut quà, a cut there, to have some beauty the small opening, to be like many solo for spite, for toglier the signs of a simple frown or to delude, that of the old one, scamparo appears the periglio.

    But everything this of it val the suffering or is it a mistake only? A crescer with luxuriance or a metter l “to Be” within to a predicament?

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