A Five piece polyptjychom by Edgar Plaute

Medium – Mixed (ceramic, acrylic and linocut)
Size – 40cm X 60cm

A five piece polypthychom.

6 Comments on “A Five piece polyptjychom by Edgar Plaute”

  1. “Januskopf” has many origins and one of them goes to the Egyptian god Ptha who was the god of creativity and what this work may lack in abstraction is compensated with creativity. The composition is intriguing and the partial facial expressions in linocut compliment the ceramic work. I would also like to see a copy of the original linocut the ceramic pieces are mounted on. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Edgar, you selected a very challenging title that requires in-depth research to come up with a new and creative idea other than what was handled prior to that. Intriguing set of colors to present closely, but not exactly, the origin colors Egyptians had used. Elaborating in the composition, would have added a new and fresh outcome. Keep your creativity alive.

  3. I appreciate the skill you have in working with ceramics, acrylics and linocut! This composition is held together by the use of earthy colors. The anchoring color being just under the cross. The owl is grounded with a shadow both under and behind it and the rest of the background is done in upward sweeping lines. The flower and people are depicted as objects floating in a space and the background lines are pointing outward in an eccentric (outward as opposed to concentric) manner. The cross appears to be floating above the surface and powerfully draws the eye to it. The linocut eyes are a larger version of the eyes depicted in the male-female icon! There is a sense of storytelling within this painting much like the icons of old! I find the painting very intriguing. Thank you for your submission.

  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen of the jury …

    … I thank you for the review … your comments are denominated like,
    therefor your assessment is largely objective and therefore
    especially helpful for me …
    … I would just like to point out that this is not a ceramic … the reliefs
    are made ​​from filling compound … I mix these fillers themselves
    with binders and stone powder (marble, serpentine, brick powder,
    charcoal …) …
    … I exclusively use only spatulas and no smoothing brushes …

    Hello from Austria

  5. I wanted tu send you a comment about my image, that
    it is no ceramics … avira blocked it, it is furnaces tile with
    self mixed filler … an unknown Firma tracked it und avira blocked it …

    what can I do?…

  6. Mona Youseff thank you …
    you wrote … “…. Faszinierende Satz von Farben, eng präsentieren, aber nicht genau, die Herkunft Farben Ägypter benutzt hatte. Erarbeitung in der Zusammensetzung, würde eine neue und frische Ergebnis hinzugefügt haben. Halten Sie Ihre Kreativität lebt …”
    … automatic translation is unfortunately very unclear …
    … but I would like your reference to the ancient Egyptians like to pick up … please explain to me how this is to be understood …
    … nice weekend …
    Servus from Austria

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