Abused Spatilaity by Nikka Why

Three industrial boxes / glossy paper/ ripped by knife and repaired by sewing , painted by spray can. Original art work – mixed media

Title of work

Abusted Spatiality

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

3 pieces per 18/15/3.5cm

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

mixed media

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

april 2013

4 Comments on “Abused Spatilaity by Nikka Why”

  1. I am immediately drawn to the image on the left but after a more intense viewing find the central image most intriguing. It’s composition peaks my interest and regretably there is not enough clarity in the immage too allow me to appreciate the interesting balance created by the knife cuts and the circle. The image on the right compliments and carries a similar merit in composition and viewer interest. I would like to see the original pieces to fully appreciate the entire work.

  2. Using black and white, in any case and with any media, has the ability to grasps the attention. How to add live, depth and beauty to it, in order to create a piece of art, is another challenge. Nikka, you have chosen the silent language in your art and too much simplicity can stands in the middle preventing the effective delivery of the message to move the feelings. Do not be afraid from expressing yourself clearly, and best wishes.

  3. I love the simplicity and the elegance of this abstract construction. A thought expressed as an abstract is the theme for this month and I feel you have provided this experience for the viewers in an authentic manner. The overall composition is well balanced with three objects that are inter-related. Although this mixed media piece is monotone the markings provide rhythm and movement. Thank you for your submission!

  4. Nikka, this work has me on the fence and where perhaps a viewer is supposed to be… Part of me considers that had this themed exhibit been about spatial or even temporal concepts, I could see it fitting in superbly. In and of itself the work is rich in textual and textural interplays and I find it compelling and engaging, despite the visual of it, for assessment purposes, being too small. Its craftmanship is beautifully balanced with an etheral sense of spatial and corporeal, finely tuned to your chosen medium. It carries within it a rare storytelling.
    Another part of me finds it a superb rendeing of thought; of alientation, retreat, agression, escalated violence and deeply expressive of abandoned dignity. The dilemma I have is to decide which thought or if there is a singular thought. It’s an excellent play. I could write much more, but for now, I think this is done. You have me by the jugular. Congratulations, Very nice work, regardless of the jury outcome this month.

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