Afflatus Ubiquitous by John Stolzfus

Afflatus Ubiquitous – The thought of Abstract is a wonderful theme, What is a “Thought”?? What is “Abstract”? It’s “Art” and Abstract Art can be felt in the depth of thought, a divine presence that surrounds us..

Title of work

Afflatus Ubiquitous

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

24″ x 24″

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)

Digital Abstract

Technique, Medium & material used

Printed on Artist Canvas – Gallery Wrapped

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


4 Comments on “Afflatus Ubiquitous by John Stolzfus”

  1. The kalidoscopic arey of complimentary colors and shapes bring depth and stucture to this composition while the impression of a clockwise rotation of the linear aspects bring a rythm and sense of depth to the image that motivates the viewer to travel within the composition appreciating the subtle transitions of color and light variations. It would be interesting to see this work with a random, less organized display of the spheres and focus on the central definition or focal point.

  2. John, yes, abstract is a creative idea to convey inner feeling and thoughts. However, when meant to be a piece of art, it must have the elements of beauty illustrated, not only with attractive colors, but also with creative composition. Centering an object in the middle of the space can easily, subtracts a huge part of that beauty, in addition to using a repetitive pattern. Even though, too many lines were meant to convey the idea of afflatus-ubiquitous, yet, this could have been delivered clearly, when using different tone of same color to bring part of it upfront and rest in the background to create, not only depth but also, the beautiful and subtle depth.

  3. This art work presents as micro or macro! I can imagine brain synapses snapping or see the cosmos with random nebula and shooting stars! It is also all at once both symmetry as I look into the center and non-symmetry as my eye follows the flowing lines near the surface layer. And there are so many layers. I love it when a composition presents a balance of symmetry and non-symmetry and many layers for my mind to explore. Well done and thank you for your submission!

  4. John, the difficulty I have with this as a conceptual construct of thought or a thought, expressed as an image does not lie in the overall visual complexity, which, at a superficial level is striking and commands initial attention, but rather in the structural layering itself. Visually the conceptual abtraction is undermined by the stricture of the grid and locked formulation which capitulates under further examination.

    The austerity of the tight design element speaks less for conceptual abstraction and more for layered intent of purpose: it is not as much as an expressive exploration but an elemental structure more by design than by expression. the kaleidescopic patterning speaks for this grid renditioning which to me rather than underpin your idea, unravels it and leaves it structural weakness more exposed.

    I think it is an interesting idea but not one tested to the fullness of digital rigor and the result is overly picturesque and formulaeic. i would have liked to see something more daring from you.

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