Almost touching the untouch darkness inside me by Ora Sklar Ben Asher

“Almost touching the untouchable darkness inside me ” original photo. for sale

Title of work

Almost touching the untouchable darkness inside me

Size of work ( either cm or inches)


Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used


Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


5 Comments on “Almost touching the untouch darkness inside me by Ora Sklar Ben Asher”

  1. The abstractions produced by nature in its effects on this unatural obect is a testiment to the beauty of abstraction in nature. This photo captures nature’s ability to render every aspect of the things it touches and reflects a the artist’s ability to capture a composition that is spacialy interesting with a beautiful display of light and color.

  2. Very impressive to know that this is a photo!! Capturing nature in such artistic way to present it as a piece of art, is art. Choice of colors is presented in this eye catching and attractive composition is to be admired. I would have loved to see more dramatic composition if the black line was moved a little to the right. Keep up the good work Ora.

  3. I enjoy the sense of history conveyed through the photograph of the old rusty materials! The position of the opening allows for a passage into darkness if the viewer chooses. The missing lock or at least the open lock can provide the viewer with a sense of permission to enter. The overall composition is strong! It is well balanced and contains a form of static rhythm, that is the eye keeps returning again and again to the darkened opening – at least that is what I see! Well done and thank you for your submission!

  4. I will be in disagreement with the previous comments. The first time I saw it I’ve been immediately seduced because it’s “catchy”.-catchy is the word- but coming to it again & again I don’t find it “lasty”; the first impression & interest fades. To me, it’s a nice snapshot whose qualities are first; a metaphorical image sticking closely to the the idea you have presented. Second; The choice for it & the framing. But is it enough for making it a work of art?
    We need something deeper in the work ( on the shadows around the lock & the roughness of the surface for example..) & in the quest for expression. Seduction is a limit by nature.
    You got this ability to generate immediate impressions & this quality is truly yours (as I see it in your previous sendings). But if our best qualities are not the occasion to go beyond better may be to knock them over.
    Receive my point like a mark of interest for your work, & you as well. With regards..

  5. I’d have liked to see this image worked into an actual artwork, where the conceptual element of the title given to it, becomes more than an attirubute, but an innate pictorial subject. I think you have the advantage here of nature doing much of the corrosive work for you and as such it becomes a simple combining of this with your conceptual ability to draw a visual link to an idea.

    It would have worked more effectively ( for me) were the idea the essence and not merely the link. It seems to me you have cognitively chosen this image for this themed juried exhibition because you can make the causal link intellectually and infer it into the image. It would carry more artistic weight in and of itself, had you formulated less and integrated it more, as visual language with a deeper play on the ambiguity of medium which itself would have been reflective, not only as a metaphor but as iconographic play between thought and reality.

    You might think to take this commentary as a point of departure and explore its possibilities beyond the rusted silhouette and have the irresolution of the lock and all that is implicit of the gap left, almost as a scar, to speak for you, rather than you speaking for it. I think it has much potential Ben, if you choose to explore it further. I would be interested to see what it could become.

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