Artist Donald Spencer

My submission is a response to both the ICAS call to dedicate April 2013 as Poetry Month and the April Theme Exhibition “A thought presented as an abstract”. While poetry is emotionally expressive it relies on a notational language that is essentially reasoned and not based on feelings. Reasoned abstract thought and intuition can also inspire hearts as well as minds with beautifully creative concepts. To illustrate this, I circled the letter “o” to abstract it from the the April theme title words “thought” and “abstraction”. The circle has been abstracted to help illustrate and explore the powers of this conceptual image as a tool. A partial listing of a circle’s abstract attributes follows: – Halo of glorification – Symbol for the sun, moon and planets – Mathematical powers of zero – Geometric expression of the transcendent and infinite number of Pi – Lowest temperature of measure in Kelvin – Head of the chemistry periodic tables – Date marking birth of Jesus Christ BC/AD – Prehistoric drawings of moments in time – Ring – Wheel – Alphabetical letter – Orbit – Defined area – Strategic defensive/offensive formation

Title of work

Homage to a Circle

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

10.5 by 1.5 inches

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

drawing with ink and pencil on paper

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

April 2013

5 Comments on “Artist Donald Spencer”

  1. The first thing that came to mind while looking at this drawing, besides the circles, was the letters “A” “r” “t”, abstracted from their usual function to create the image of the bicycle. A feat that reflects Picasso’s seat and handlebar transformed into a bull and yet you maintain the dominat relevence of your thought “the letter O” as a primary function of the drawing. Well done. Thank you.

  2. Very clever drawing in such simple presentation, yet , is sophisticated composition whether came subconsciously or consciously, it did receive the attention, not only for using the black on white surface but also, for its simplicity. Good work Donald.

  3. The bicycle image on a tilt conveys movement and the alphabet letters A, T, V, O and R convey language. Movement and language create thought! This conceptual drawing references “thought as an abstract expression” with a sense of playfulness! In it’s simplicity, this composition offers much room for the viewer to examine deeper concepts that are universal. Well done and thanks so much for your submission.

  4. I was not expecting to dismantle a bicycle “rebus” model; Chinese puzzle, frame in symbols.
    Needed 2 brains ( at least ) for a hand!
    Unexpected, playful, brain scratching, Don Spencer patented.

  5. Apollinaire would have loved you! Great to see Dada is not quite dead yet;.Very memorable Don. The work speaks for itself i can add nothing but my appreciation.

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