Black Celebration

Created while listening to Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration” cd.

6 Comments on “Black Celebration”

  1. This work must be part of a series as the work entered in the March Exhibition also had the same title and was very similar in composition and color. I refer you back to some of the comments I made on your March entry and look forward to seeing something new.

  2. A unique and classical set of colors, with good imagination and interesting composition, transforming the actual mood of the “Black celebration”. Proportioning the small space of the eye in comparison to the rest of the space/the outside world, reflect how some may hid behind the mask and look at the world. I wonder where the black side lives, in or outward!

  3. I don’t have information about the media however it seems that you may have used a gold which reads to me as figures on the left hand side looking into an abyss! The greens and reds give a push pull to the composition and the light sky blue at the top allows the viewer’s eye to at some point leave the composition! The fleshy, earthy color just below the blue may pull a viewer’s eye to it, leaving less attention on the center. I appreciate the skill and freedom of your execution! Thank you for your submission.

  4. This painting is definitely musical! I see two sides: most of the warmer colors on the left and the cooler colors on the right. I believe the receding black and white squares and the blue at the top of the canvas serve to unite these two sides. As Kandinsky believed, I feel the yellows represent the high trumpet notes and the mellow purples may be a deep cello note! Well done and thank you for your submission.

  5. We did fix a theme for the month; “A thought presented as an abstract”.
    If Depeche Mode “black celebration” is certainly music, a track you played already, no way it is a thought. I would be grateful to you for respecting the theme in your further propositions. With regards.

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