Blu Moon by Eva Montealegre

for sale at ADAGIO GALLERY 73-300 El Paseo Drive, Palm Desert, CA of the Cosmic Series


Title of work


Size of work ( either cm or inches)

96″ X 54″

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used


Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

APRIL 2013

4 Comments on “Blu Moon by Eva Montealegre”

  1. This is an impressive image and no doubt very powerful in it’s actual size. This is an interesting composition that stirs the imagination into conjuring images in the moon. The light effect is enhanced by the blue aura and the arc of the moon brings it a touch of reality while creating a grater overall impact. I would wonder how you would have executed this work as a pure abstract by eliminating the arc of the moon.

  2. Influential composition where used only part of a circle to present the round noon in an rectangle shape, what a combination of shapes put together, beautiful. Never seen abstract that detailed, or was it meant to be realism!?

  3. I really appreciate both the huge scale of this painting and your expert skills and techniques in working with oils! The work is beautifully executed and the viewpoint is original. This feels quite realistic to me although it is sometimes difficult to tell with a photo. However you are to be commended for this well balanced and rhythmic composition! Thank you for your submission.

  4. If we could see it as an abstract by extreme extrapolation, the initial thought for your creation is missing in your presentation; I would have appreciated relevance for the theme. It’s a very fine work nonetheless.
    I value the subtlety & diversity of your lights as I value it for your shadows. Your image exhale mystery & your composition is imposing using a minimal scenery. Another cosmic trip would be a great pleasure.

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