By Anais Laurent

have recently been required to undergo 2 MRI for various reasons. What goes on in the brain they are scanning, especially if the eyes are shut tight, is a series of lights and forms that can be quite unusual. This painting is the first in a series that will be exhibited in November of this year here in Switzerland. It will not be available for sale until after the exhibition; the price will be 950 Swiss francs and can only be purchased bank to bank – I do not accept credit cards and we no longer use checks in Switzerland. If interested please inform me and I shall put you on a list in order of contact date. Thank you. I shall submit the work on the 24th of April.

Title of work

MRIism I

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

H 60 x W 40cm (unframed size-it will be larger when framed)

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

Mixed media on watercolor paper on foam core.

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

April 10, 2013

4 Comments on “By Anais Laurent”

  1. The variables in pattern and color within the repetative bars bring forth thoughts about the artist’s impressions while imersed into a field of energy. The assemblage of colors and patterns aesthetically arranged present a vibrant , interesting composition. A variation in band lengths could enhance the relationship of the background and the formed impressions.

  2. Using the blue color as background, emphasise the cold process of what one’s brain can perceive while undergo such procedure along with yellow that added the needed contrast and attractive outcome. Vibrations and waves of energy are varied and could have been illustrated effectively, in different lengths rather than repetitive lines to add beauty. Thank you Anais for sharing with us your personal experience and my best wishes.

  3. I really admire your technique with the mixed media on watercolor paper. I realize that once a brush stroke is made watercolor and certainly other media’s are unforgiving. Your composition is really fresh and confident. I love the depth of the blue background and see the cross bars as various pathways or thought patterns. Having seven bars creates a good non-symmetrical balance. I find the composition very expressive and thought provoking and certainly representative of this month’s theme! Thank you for your submission.

  4. Anais, the work is compelling and I’d have been more interested in learning more about the process and your experiences creating the work given the context you mention that inspired it. I find it unfortunate that you detract totally in your presentation of the work by detailing its commercial context, which essentially should have nothing to so with the submission and should have been outlined separately to the organisers of this month’s exhibit.

    It is difficult to merit the work with the ajudication it should be due when your own commercial concerns outweigh its artistic merits, leaving me with an impression that you entered the work with the hope of gaining some accredition that could add value to it being exhibited soon. What further detracts my attention from the work is that it is one of a series, when in my opinion, the series should have been submitted in its entirety for the work to speak fully.

    There are many things that interest me in this work and I feel as if I would be adjudicating only a piece of the work rather than the entire body. I have no interest to merely comment on the visual and structural elements as the inter-relationship of these with the other works in the series is missing and hence its overall context.

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