The given work one of a series of pictures where music it is shown in colour. Expressiveness of these works is reached by receptions specially developed for it.At the moment work is at an exhibition.

Title of work


Size of work ( either cm or inches)


Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

mixed technic on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


3 Comments on “composition-Minuet-mixed-technica-80x60cm_”

  1. This beautifully elaborate and colorful work flows like the music that inspired it’s creation. The segmented geometric background enhances the flowing theme with a contrast that creates an emphatic visual impact.

  2. Illustrative and playful geometric shapes and forms shaded here and there inviting the viewer to an exciting mood. Had you left the top part of the background empty as a white space, would have added beautiful break to rest the eye from the crowd and focus on the man subject/title.

  3. This painting is definitely musical! I see two sides: most of the warmer colors on the left and the cooler colors on the right. I believe the receding black and white squares and the blue at the top of the canvas serve to unite these two sides. As Kandinsky believed, I feel the yellows represent the high trumpet notes and the mellow purples may be a deep cello note! Well done and thank you for your submission.

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