Dawn Is Breaking by Liebeth Oudshoorn

We are on the dawning of a complete new era. I hope eventually with peace and a better economy for everyone. This piece wolcomes the dawning of a new world.

Title of work

Dawn Is Breaking

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

20 cm X 20 cm

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

Acrylic on Linen

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

within the last 12 months

4 Comments on “Dawn Is Breaking by Liebeth Oudshoorn”

  1. The rythmic display of color and texture complimented by a background of faded hues create a balanced and inviting composition intriguing the viewer to contemplate the artist’s intent to create a feeling of a fragmented past moving and merging towards a new dawn. This work reflects an experienced, confident understanding of technique color and composition.

  2. Only after reading the motive behind the artwork, one can understands what the artist was trying to convey. Using soft colors in the background with loud, strong and scattered colors upfront, created the transition from one era to the other. While mixing different colors, all together, reflects the instability surrounding the artist. Having said that, even though, the world is facing economic hardship yet, people still living on same circle of the earth. So had the composition has had a focus point to start with and branch out, would have added beauty to the artwork as a symbol of unity to give a strong composition.

  3. I enjoy the explosive quality of the textured paint and feel this can be representative of this month’s theme! The background of linen seems to separate from the glossy textured paint and creates another level for contemplation. The colors are marvelous and depict highly emotional thoughts. This composition is well balanced. Thank you for your submission.

  4. Lisbeth. I am afraid my commentary runs counter to all the others. There is a visible self consciousness to this piece that makes it feels overly contrived and not quite where it wants to be or be what it strives to become. There is more ‘effect’ to my eye than actual substance of content. Thickness of paint is fine and well for all it can convey of mood, colour, rhythm but it is empty of expression. It’s pretty, and on the verge of pictureque ( as much as something abstact can be). It feels all veneer and varnish, no undertow, nothing that drags me by the emotional collar and immerses me into a dialectic or even a mere conversation. It’s almost philanthropic in intent and in this I really cannot shake the sense that an overflow of good intention killed it. It should lose the ‘cute’ and find its real voice whatever it’s advocacy. I see the idea of a work, not a thought per se. It as if you have worked from the outside inward and not from the inside outward.

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