I want something in return by Vered Terry

Not for sale, but i want something in return. Since i am a landscape painter mostly, my brashes know how to do landscape only. i thought i’d try something digital in photoshop to come out with an absreact. (Copy frpm Ora)i went out and took photos of what i usually paint and – voila – something that looks very much like landscape (surprisingly) went out again and looked carefully at things i usually ignore, inserted them in and looked what happened.

Title of work

“i want something in return”

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

digital file

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

photography with dogotal manipulation

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

April 2013

6 Comments on “I want something in return by Vered Terry”

  1. This work attacks the senses. It’s srength and impact are mesmerizing like a vertigo where one looses a sense of gravity. Yet it also relaxes and intrigues one to venture into the blues and violets that fade into the depths of a tranquil state. It is a wonderful execution of reality into the realm of abstraction.

  2. Creative idea and attractive group of colors from warm orangey ocra color to violet and lilac color with dark back ground and few sports of white to emphasis the contrast and add depth. Reducing the many elements/objects to fewer, would have improved a subtle and delicate composition.

  3. Absolutely complex and amazing balance within this composition. The lines, the placement of the colors, all of it works! I view this as two forms of thought colliding! The unconscious analytical thought forms in the bottom section are splitting wide open and fragmenting. It is as if the collective unconscious is ready and waiting in the turquoise band just below the center and as the particles fly outward into the distance, the deeper sensitive creative blue is waiting! Totally amazing abstraction. Thought as an abstract expression. Not sure if this was your total intention but I feel you have achieved this. Well done. Thank you for your submission.

  4. Disquieting is this blocked sky extending its fibers towards us.Nonetheless breaches, glimmers & escapes within the blue open the space for us & we’re irresistibly attracted to the heights. From madness, soon the image turns to magical presence.
    To me the upper part is the best & the real subject of the work. Though contrasting in line & color, the stumbled pylon pull us back to a reality we were just about to leave. Congratulations for your rich shadows of blue

  5. Very clever. Chapeau this time Vered, to a little gem of conceptual brilliance. Inversion. Simplicity in rare form.

    When the sky becomes rich ochre earth, and the random midnight blue-blossomed earth turns into sky. Where pylon feet would weigh in cncrete, they tip the senses, sending the eye tumbling upward to an earth that wears down its ntaural weight.
    Stones become clouds. Dirt becomes dust. Grass showers down in thin blades of black rain.

    ‘Forget me nots’ turn into deep clusters of blue stars . . . i want something in return… indeed! Beautiful thought. Exquisite abstraction.

  6. Thank you all for your time, for your encouraging vision, and for the friendly and professional criticism

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