Inhuman Catastrophe by Atul Sinha

My works are an inspiration from the travels in the Himalayas and they reflect “nature” through the symbols and forms identified with the supreme: “Ardhanareshwar “ which symbolizes the complete human; Shiva, being the complete person, having the ultimate combination of qualities, from both man and woman, that should reflect in each one of us. This work displayed here is an ode to all the victims of rape.I have chosen to use this “complete” symbolic representation of the human form to depict this issue. The work is an outcry of the “ Ardhnareshwar “ dismembered and laying in disarray on the earth. The severed dismemberment of the body parts depicts the violation of the body and the spirit.

Title of work

“Inhuman Catastrophe”

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

108″X 54″X 4″

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

Hand Carving,Rosewood Genus and Earth Surface.

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


3 Comments on “Inhuman Catastrophe by Atul Sinha”

  1. This is a spiritual though provoking work, timeless in it’s symbolism of body fragments returning to the earth where it began whole. The color and light effect bring a sureal strength to the work. The wood carving depicts a mastery of the material and I am particularily intrigued by segmented linear effect.

  2. Moving and motivating artwork crafted carefully, and presented in very expressive color, along with the background, to reflects and emphasizes the title, in order to arise an important human issue where attention is needed. Thank you for caring as an artist.

  3. I really like the grand scale of the art work and I appreciate your skill in hand carving and creating the textured surface. I feel a sense of history within this artwork and that it represents both male and female; one leg is smaller, one side has a breast, one hand is upturned and on the other side a larger leg, male torso and closed hand. The fragmentation of the figure is disturbing and my eye is not sure if the figure is rising up out of the earth or sinking. Having now read your statement, I concede that this can be a symbol for outcry about dismemberment and other violations to the body. But my first impression is still that of the earths natural beauty and that the art work is symbolic much like an icon. Thank you for your submission.

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