Out of Nowhere by Francine Kohn

original, available for sale Evolutionary Moving Pictures weave layers of unique transparent and translucent, glowing and shimmering color harmonies with glazing techniques from the Masters. My original use of acrylic colors at first glance appear as colored spaces and lines. Further viewing creates images and shapes appearing, then moving across the canvas. My painting celebrates vignettes of passion, power and perception depicting an evolutionary passage to a new way of living. Capturing the sensory and meditative qualities of nature, Francine’s work is an affirmation for the life we live. These vibrant, organic and colorful “moving images” are the space where art, science, spirituality and magic come alive.

Title of work

Out of Nowhere

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

40″ x 30″ x 1.5″

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

moving images thru use of color & lines, acrylic on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


5 Comments on “Out of Nowhere by Francine Kohn”

  1. “Out of Nowhere”, a moving mass of creative aspiration, melding and contrasting images flowing in a primordial nature, not fixed but ever changing. This is a challenging composition well done as it retains the viewer’s interst allowing now place to rest, but inticing a conection with the creative energy it reflects.

  2. Moving images out of nowhere! Meditative title to reaching beyond the visible to the norm. Blended yet, defined and energetic colors moving everywhere, where I wish could see “the out and the nowhere” by leaving some white space, in a fresh composition, to rest the viewer’s eye from using many colors of almost, same images /shapes, repeated with none stop or a break, whereas art, science and spirituality need a break /meditative period to come up with the magic.

  3. I see growth, a tree, figures dancing. I would love to view this painting in it’s original state! I like that the scale is quite large so I am sure that this composition is very commanding in it’s original form. The colors are shimmering with life and I am reminded of Van Gogh’s paintings but this would be several images layered upon more images! The color palette is incredibly varied and strong. Well done and thanks so much for your submission.

  4. The material is rich, generous like potentialities of fate & deeply worked within enough probably to manage shadow plays. Well animated it is by the painter’s hand in flame movements or vegetal luxuriance suggestive for the charge of life, novelty & overturn brought by the Occurency.
    I admit not to be short of the full expression for your subject was truly a challenge; Maybe your passionate manner with more freedom added would have made it stick to it closer while preventing it for some kind of uniformity.
    Nonetheless much appreciated.

  5. Out of nowhere,…a maze of tangled wool and hours of unknotting. Let the white breathe a little more freely. It threatens to become fabric design.

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