Passing through by Lesley Oldaker

ores the transient nature, interconnecting relationships and purposes of moving random figure groups and expressing a personal response of displacement and belonging within the co-occupied space. Original for sale Prints available at Saatchionline, Deviantart and FAA

Title of work

Passing Through

Size of work ( either cm or inches)


Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

oil on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

dec 2012

4 Comments on “Passing through by Lesley Oldaker”

  1. An expressive abstract subreal as ghostly souls passing through the shimmering canvas with the viewer’s seeing themselves as part of the spacial journey. This is a very thought provoking work that conjures a miriad of probabilities with a wonderful field of depth and remarkable transitions of light.

  2. Outstanding and bravery composition with strong perspective and use of colors fearlessly, knowing and visioning, prior to working, what is to be expressed. Even though, one might not be aware of what is stored in the subconscious until is expressed on the empty canvas . Great knowledge of light, shadow and movements are reflected in the sensible brush strokes leaving viewer with no other choice but to be part of it.

  3. This is a beautiful painting, well balanced, exquisitely rendered. I appreciate your skill and technique in using the media of oil. There is a melancholy sense to this painting; a feeling of being in a crowd but being isolated. The mood is very strong and powerful. The use of monotone grays with edges of blue and the loosely rendered brush strokes also add to the sense of human separation. The overall composition is very well balanced with a powerful rhythm that leads us to the one person facing the viewer and then the rhythm takes the eye up and out at the last building through the white space that leads to the top of the canvas. The person facing us, walking towards us offers a respite to the isolation and to me, this represents courage. I am delighted to view this art work and thanks for your submission.

  4. A powerful image, very expressive if not an expressionist one. Is it passers-by? Spectres, or crows? The means appropriately serve effect & expression; The urban space is oppressive, tall & narrow & the perspective ends dead upon an elevation wall. Feeling for enclosure, anonymity & solitude is reinforced by a figure walking against the stream (..A Munch trick). The realist details have been opportunely blurred with the brush strokes figuring the rain to focus on the impression.
    The peculiar light of a heavy rain annihilating colors in urban surrounding is particularly well catched. Simply brilliant; Congratulations

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