Snow had Fallen by Diane Szczepaniak

“Snow Had Fallen” is an original watercolor on paper that is for sale. I paint with a wide brush and a lot of water. The colors of paint are mixed and then applied one on top of another. Each layer transforms the layers underneath. Every so often, I turn the painting, allowing the colors to run and letting me view the painting from different vantage points. The paper becomes like a sheet of glass through which I can look and see the layers of paint as I work. One could say that the subject matter of my paintings is form itself, an attempt to capture the essence of objects in space. When successful, a painting takes the viewer into the depths of the color and creates a meditative space that slows the flow of time

Title of work

Snow Had Fallen

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

33 in w X 42 in h

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

watercolor on paper

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


4 Comments on “Snow had Fallen by Diane Szczepaniak”

  1. This pure abstract has a spiritual quality of soft special proportions that engage the subconscious. It reflects the artist’s skill with the medium and intuitive creative process. I am intrigued at the manner in which the colors are blended yet with so much saturation there is still a strong linear deffinition.

  2. Interesting title “ Snow had fallen” yet, the selective colors are far warmer than snow, as if was celebrating the beginning of spring in subtle and feminine blended color craftily. I feel like adding some dark sport somewhere to add the spices to it, yet, the artist chose to keep the very calming atmosphere but for how long the viewer can stare at it!

  3. I appreciate the skill required to work at this scale in the media of watercolor! The gradation of washes is expertly done! The painting is very delicate and the warmer deeper tone in the center has the effect of being behind the other layers of paint. With a warm color, this is rather difficult to pull off but you have done. There is a room full of warmth within the borders, a place to rest and consider spiritual matters! Well done and thank you for your submission.

  4. The qualities for transparency in watercolor allowed to create this “frosted” aspect of the foreground by superimposition to the background which spreads a morning light as perceived through a frosted window pane;
    This due to the slightly blurred line of contact between the two surfaces.
    A fine work, very concice & done with much care.
    I love also its imperfections, its overflows like torn margins of a page. I love the soft harmony & stillness of colors, their spreading with no break. I love its true minimalism. I’m waiting impatiently for more works to see from you.

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