The work is part of a Polyptych by Lucia Gomez

Original work (C) The work is part of a Polyptych, one Fragment of a group of six. The first strokes came in a a streesed moment, and I was able to clearly observe and recognize my thoughts and feelings during the process.


Title of work

Passing Thought (Fragment)

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

8´x 8´

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

Mixed media on canvas, natural fibers, and brazilian sand(original)

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)


4 Comments on “The work is part of a Polyptych by Lucia Gomez”

  1. This gives me the feel of an aquatic scene. A fish descending from the surface. The downward movement enhanced by the nebulous translucent background brings the subject to a segment of the canvas that creates an interesting composition. For having started in a stessed moment you have acheived a work that pleases and relaxes.

  2. Exceptional and striking composition speaks loudly yet, executed in calming colors, moved powerfully, from somewhere and landed on a solid yet, invisible ground while is still connected with its origin. Leaving a specious white space added singular beauty to it, where the viewer’s eye can rest and continue gazing at it.

  3. This mixed media can be expressing a singular thought as an abstract expression. I feel anxiety in the lower section of the piece by use of the darker markings and earthy, scratchy mixed media material. However it seems to be uncoiling into a trail of gentle marks that lead upward and off the left hand upper edge of the canvas. This gives rhythm to the art work. It is a strong composition. Well done and thanks for your submission.

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