Walking together alone

I was delighted to see the title of this months exhibition as I felt it suited this new artwork perfectly.I have spent the winter reading a lot of spiritual books and learning a lot about universal energy and our interconnectivity with everyone and everything.My thoughts when painting this were to represent figures on a journey, side by side, but also apart, interconnected yet separate.I wanted two conflicting emotions to arise:the feelings of aloneness and togetherness.


Title of work

Walking Alone Together

Size of work ( either cm or inches)

100cm X 100cm

Style (realism, abstract, expressionism etc)


Technique, Medium & material used

Acrylic, sand and copper leaf on Canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year)

January 2013

3 Comments on “Walking together alone”

  1. The work connects very well with the thought and the colors enhance metaphysical aura of the image. The simplicity and adherence to the theme are like the icing on the cake and help make this a wonderful work.

  2. Jan, your composition and the usage of colors have beautifully, spoken out your feelings and thoughts in such simple yet, refined emotion expressed gently, not only in the choice of colors, but also in the white space you left for viewer to feel the calmness of the spiritual connection yet, still has the independent spirit.

  3. I appreciate the skill you have to work with copper leaf! And your acrylic technique as well as the use of sand is very good. I immediately see two figures. The colors of their bodies are balanced by the color that is parallel to them. The painting gives room for the viewer to imagine the two separate figures on a journey with their thoughts laid out separately beside them. Or perhaps they have left their thoughts behind. Even though this painting is abstract expressionist (that is I can recognize figures in the art work) I feel it captures the theme of “thought expressed as an abstract emotion.” Well done and thanks for your submission.

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