Window to the Soul by Benjamin Casiano

Window to the soul. 40×40 inches acrylic on canvas. painting by Benjamin Casiano

6 Comments on “Window to the Soul by Benjamin Casiano”

  1. I would love to have seen this intuitive work accompanied by an introduction to the piece by the artist. Viewing the image makes me want to know more about how the artist was influenced in the process of creating this painting. The border and rectangular segments of color melding into one another retain the viewers interest and impact the overall presentation in an effect that retains the viewer’s interest.

  2. Interesting title “ Window to the soul” with interesting colors, mixing between warm and cold colors where the soul wishes to fly, while dividing day and night surrounded by the warmth of red where the soul is trying to flee from!! I wish you shared with us your motive as it could be ambiguous to some viewers!

  3. I actually like to view the artwork without comments and titles. So I am okay with that! It is very interesting having the warmest section on the top of the canvas. This places a forward movement that pushes and pushes to be noticed! While just below is the freedom of sky colors and white space. Because the canvas is almost divided equally this also creates a dynamic of push and pull. It is a very powerful painting and the edge of red seems to ground the whole art work. The viewer has a choice of witnessing the warm tones jumping down into the sky. Very intriguing and well done! Thank you for your submission!

  4. Subject: Balance between colors, balance between surfaces. The cold colors fix the composition & balance the warm colours; The blue zone centers & pacifies, the black outter frame encloses, contains, thin but major.
    An equilibrium won over precarious best expressed here through vaporous & imprecise borders of the colour fields; They vibrate like a neon gas within a tired fluorescent tube. It’s a meditation, a state of being.
    Piet Mondrian painted such meditations but adding depth illusion by contrast between colour fields; Mark Rothko is probably more present here.
    This language using essential means only is bound to speak the unspeakable through endless ascetic quest for perfect formulation leaving few space to the artist’s personality. Personally I love this kind of painting.
    The composition is very good,the colors are bright & warm; This is a good Casiano.

  5. Thank you everybody. This painting is one of many journals from actual dreams. I try to document them in paintings. Many times I find myself by the beach in a townhouse staring at the Long Island sound from a window. I’m not really sure why but I know I’m at peace.

  6. The balance of colors applied on a large canvas can evoke emotions
    unseen anywhere else. This is why Im really passionate about many of our
    abstract expressionist. But this horizon of water and sky staring through a window
    constantly appears in my dreams. I would love to know the meaning behind it. I do know
    I never feel more relaxed or at peace than when I’m there.

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