artist Ermino Sonza


Ao Mestre – 2013 – Pintura feita a óleo com superposições de cores, o que nos dá um belo visual

Title of work Ao Mestre
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 100 x 140cm

Style: abstract
Technique, Medium & material used oil on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2013

4 Comments on “artist Ermino Sonza”

  1. Thanks so much for your submission! The perfection of balance is outstanding, the rhythm is created through the many shapes, colors and contrast of tones. I really hear music when I see this painting and I am reminded of Kandinsky and his manifesto. I think it is true that different colors represent different sounds. Yellow a high pitched trumpet, purple a mellow cello! If this is really so I am hearing an orchestra! Beautiful!

  2. Flowing, intriguing, well balance in color and light are a few of the attributes of this piece. Very well done. Please understand “Presentation” is part of the scoring criteria. It is important that you photograph your work to it’s border limits. You have to adjust your camera angle or crop the image so that only the painting is visible.

  3. Ermino, I would love to see work less architypal than this and less visuall dated. I find this artistically ineffectual.

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