Artist Martina Caffrey Shannon


This is a wall sculpture I did based on a poem I wrote, about a nightmare I had, while in hospital, drug induced most probably, but I found the dream very disturbing. This is the poem, and it and the sculpture go together and is called “Ego” Twinkling fairy lights adorn desolate ruins Shimmering garland bedeck the rot The stench disguised by sickly bouquet Beauty and Love forgot Gazed beyond the surface. Maggots entwined in carpet of green. Passers by admire and savour. Repulsive veracity unseen. Nauseous from the stink, follow the common path A distant language spoken. Soft words cloaked in wrath. Discern not this spurious sound, yet still the native tongue Abhorred, despised and detested, till conversant in this song. Unrecognized by kin Neighbours pass the by Mesmerized and bewitched, by familiar, vainglorious lie. Idolizing the journey. No heed for the goal. Vagrant in the valley. No need for the soul. Human condition, love of self. The graven image, glory. Confirm the greatness of the ego. This is all men’s story. Martina Caffrey Shannon
Total of four pieces presented

Title of work Ego
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 70cm by 70 cms

Style: Abstract, expressionism
Technique, Medium & material used Sculpture, Mixed media on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) May 2013

6 Comments on “Artist Martina Caffrey Shannon”

  1. What a truthful and image filled poem! Thank you for sharing this so much. I like the three works of art together as a unit. The balance makes sense to me this way. Your eye in the center of the main piece becomes balanced with the two on the outside! The wrath or despair of the poem is different within the art work. It is a sensitive and delicate response to the ego in shapes, color, and rhythm. I love your use of the materials and feel you have made your statement about your feelings in the poem in a way that is considerate of the viewer by use of conceptualizing these feelings. Thank you for your submission!

  2. Whoops! I meant to say….I love your use of the materials and feel you have made your statement about your feelings in this painting in a way that is considerate of the viewer by use of conceptualizing these feelings!

  3. Intricate yet flowing and inviting, this depiction of the poem reflects the illusion of the beauty indicated and as we are drawn into the work we encounter the face of self love. You have created as you imagined and presented us with the inner significance of your creation; a wonderful accomplishment.

  4. I find this work deeply probematic, on several levels. It lacks an essential element of self criticality, both written and visual. There a vague distillation of ideas into an amalgam of artsycraftsy execution. As they say in fasion, just too much going on in the centrepiece:What teeters as ‘purpleprose’ poetry in the baseline text finds its visual equivalent which does not quite match up to its centrepiece plkacement between the two canvas of small discs. It leaves this viewer feeling as if too many dots were connected on one hand and not enough thinking it through on the other. Potential is there… somewhere. It is just very well hidden.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate the feedback. I am very touched by your comments Peter and Laara and very happy that you can see what I was trying to do.
    Renee the poem is what I saw in my dream. You may class it as purple prose but it is exactly what I saw. The art piece is my physical response to what I saw in the dream. A dream that has disturbed me to this day. The piece could not lack an element of self because it is about me and all men and our obsession with “self” and all the stuff this self demands of us. I dont speak as elequantly as you but if you find the work problematic then the problem does not lie with the piece but your understanding of it. You cant see in the photograph but every cap that is on either side of the center piece contains images of the “stuff” we fill our lives with to make us feel worth something.
    However I am very grateful for your comments.
    Kind regards

  6. What a wise reply to an arrogant, word-swirling, pompous text by Renée Sigel.
    I like your wall sculpture a lot, as I do with your collage “I am more than you can see”, which hangs in my flat near Vienna …
    Very kind regards, Kurt Gruber

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