artist Pushkin EH 1


Sensing and listening to ‘Fantasy’ inside active objects such as camera, fuel engine, sewing machine, piano etc is a fascinating activity to me because of curiosities in life. Such free emancipations, usually but solemnly, encouraging me to find hidden motions and knocks around, where the seeds of imaginations profusely waiting to liberate. Two of my recent paintings on canvas- ‘Fantasy inside a moving sharpener’ and ‘Fantasy inside a blazing Furnace’ – explaining how they liberated and materialized two fantasies- awfully ordinary to human life. Original paintings- Acrylic on Canvas. The two piece presentation paintings

Title of work ‘Fantasy inside a moving sharpener’ and ‘Fantasy inside a blazing furnace’
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 61 cm X 76 cm, 76 cm X 61 cm

Style: expressionism
Technique, Medium & material used acrylic on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2013

4 Comments on “artist Pushkin EH 1”

  1. Thanks for your submission. I appreciate the temporal nature of the object inside the more fixed gray container. The gray container has shadows and the object inside does not suggesting that it is ready to unfold or be free of the container! Now reading your description, I believe you have met your intention of capturing a fantasy and the relationship between the sounds or sensing of objects and the material world.

  2. While the desconstructive notion of interior fantasy strips the figurative language of realism into abstraction, these two works could have explored more experimental visual constructs. ‘Inside a Blazing Furnace’ rather than liberating imagination as described above, appears to contain and withold within very formalised abstract strictures a disapointing blandness of a dated visual architecture ”awfully ordinary” becomes disappointingly dull. It’s more design than a releasing an essential curiosity.

  3. Pushkin eh, no need to apologize! I value your creative process and feel you have developed an authentic art language by your use of lines, shapes and distinctive intentions! Very best wishes.

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