artist Pushkin EH 2

3 Comments on “artist Pushkin EH 2”

  1. This art work is well composed with a good sense of balance, highly contrasting tones, colors that work well together. The lighting on the sharpener is really well done and I can imagine movement and fantasy within this. I like the movement at the bottom and the way the pencil is also moving! The rhythm is slow to move out of the top of the painting but this is alright. It keeps the eye inside the painting longer.

  2. This work exhibits an interesting spatial use and light contrasts. The flowing base upon which the sharpener sits presents a good lead into the painting and the color contrasts heighten the impact of the piece. Well done, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. These two works bring the photorealism of Doug Bloodworth to mind and while these lack the contextual settings of early pop realism, I find, especially in this work, the tactile physicality of the object is the visual story rather than the internal fantasy alluded to by the artist. The ambiguity between technical rednering and realism provides more of a showcase for technical prowess than it does a framework for imaginative allusion to an interior hidden life. While it is an interesting intellectual dialectic and one I’m curious to explore, in terms of the given artistic statement, I find the artist might consider why he seemingly has tripped himself up with his own string.

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