artist Shambhu Prasad Reddy

4 Comments on “artist Shambhu Prasad Reddy”

  1. I enjoyed the collection of people and their presentation and connection to each other. The border red surrounding the images sets it off and seems to complete it in itself. The understated images within the figures seems to hold those images to the individual figures. Playful containment.

  2. Thank you for your submission. Please include the media you used, the size of the art work, and the title. Also a few words describing your art work would be really helpful. If I have somehow missed this, please forgive me! This art work is compelling in that the red background surrounds the human forms in the center. The type of balance here is one that holds the viewers eye and keeps the eye returning to the center over and over again. This is a device that is called Static Rhythm and is very powerful. I look forward to seeing more of your art work with details included!

  3. : It is impressive but more akin to oriental art. it differs from the western parameters. Perhaps the artist wanted to gather the impression and opinion of the jurors and viewers. Beginning with background ; red and then combination of colors ; with a person holding other faces; persons into his arm fold may; I repeat, may conveys the clutches of joint family in India. Those who have experience of holding many people in the hold at a time can expect how much tension and dexterity is required; It negates the role of individuality. The artist has brought the new cultural matrix into the realm of painting; He should have given the Title and brief discussion; It is necessary for the artist to speak along with the work.

  4. Without any information about the piece, I found it impossible to mark, less comment upon as it is unfair to the other artists who fully meet the submission requirements.

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