original Havva Marta 1968 Born in SAMSUN. 1989 She graduated from 19 May University Education Faculty,Painting Teaching Department. She lives in IZMIR. Member of UPSD and GESAM.

Title of work The Laces of the Arachne 8

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 150150 cm.
Technique, Medium & material used 0il on Canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2011

4 Comments on “????????”

  1. Thank you for your submission. One of our mandates for submission is that the work be completed during the past year. That being said I am fascinated by this art work and find the web has many spokes with many intriguing objects within it. I hope you will submit more of your art works.

  2. This is a beautiful work and the entire composition is woven into an exceptional piece. Your choice of colors and light values reflect the beauty and mystery of the creature and it’s habitat. Unfortunately, since this is not a current work I am unable to score it for a possible award. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. She is a promising painter with innovative vision; art and expression.
    Scorpio with ever spinning web entangling the caught object is a threat depicted deep in inner consciousness; the forceful destroying energy evident every moment in life ; shakes our confidence; we develop doubt about our safety. A woman has more threats and visualizing such threats is strong depiction of Fear by the artist

  4. Again a work not of the current year submitted. Consistency chaps. Please. Out of respect to those who do comply to the submission rules this work remains unmarked and I will not comment on it.

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