Codex-Seasons by David Flower


Total five piece presentation

This piece consists of four individual pieces, each represents the secret to a season, a key to an ideal that exists in our memories of the seasons of childhood.

Title of work Codex:Seasons
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 3000cmx500cmx1000cm
Style : Abstract
Technique, Medium & material used Blown glass, turned wood, forged steel.

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) June, 2013

7 Comments on “Codex-Seasons by David Flower”

  1. I love the play of color in the glass and the light that is allowed to pass through. The simpleness of the external casing doesn’t seem to offer the piece much, it seems to leave it there rather than bring it out. It is possible that in person the sculpture is much more interesting and that it is just not easy to photograph.

  2. Thanks, Carole, for your comments. In all honesty I think that the photographs show the pieces well, save for scale, together they are 10 feet long. The simple casing you refer to was me allowing the glass to be prominent whilst supported by the other materials, the idea was that together all the materials impart a suggestion of the bio dynamic energy of the seasons.

  3. You are very skilled in blown glass, turned wood and forged steel! But more than that I really love the seasons and could easily tell which season was which before I read your description. Thank you for your excellent presentation. I appreciate the close up views of individual pieces. These are delightful, playful sculptures and you have succeeded in manifesting your intention within each sculpture! I look forward to seeing more of your art works!

  4. Excellent use of materials,wood , glass, steel. You are evidently very skilled in blown glass, turned wood and forging. However your artistic skills lie much deeper than this, you have imagination, originality, exceptional eye to detail. The rustic bases contrast well against the cold glass and steel and I love the fluidity and movement of the interior structures. The four elements are perfectly positioned against the black back drop producing an exceptional abstract image, where your originality and outstanding artistic talent becomes evident. I really look forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. This kind of work rarely comes out; particularly bold experiment of materials used; it stands as different presentation; but the original must be more strong in impact then in photographed as commented. Seasons are always free and not bound; any time in the life they refresh us with velocity of vibrancy and surrounds us with their individuality.
    Here the artist has used the spinning of seasons in some kind of rotating media; but the original must be more novel and the efforts open up the new possibility of more such experiments.

  6. There is an impeccable quality here that is beyond the technical execution. The conceptual foundation that speaks to science as well as art finding its expression architecturally as sculpture is not just innovative and original but speaks also to a deep intelligence and intellectuality acuity that is something of an extinct species in contemporary art these days. There is rare dimensional thought at work here.
    Frankly speaking I could write an essay on this work. My compliments David. Simply excellent.

  7. Dear all,
    You have been very generous with your comments and I am delighted to receive the award. Most important to me though is seeing the comments, it is a real treat to understand what people feel about the work. I am very happy.

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