Decision by Lesley Oldaker

Oil painting exploring the tensions and imbalances created by juxtaposing film images of 2 exits at Zurich Bahnhof. (using slow shutter speeds)


Title of work Decision
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 100x180cm,

Technique, Medium & material used oil on canvas
Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) July 2013

5 Comments on “Decision by Lesley Oldaker”

  1. I enjoyed the feeling of fading away that Decision offers. The painting seems to evoke a contemplative state where refection, quiet and clarity are required. There is a simpleness spoken as well as a complexity and the juxtaposition between the two offers intrigue.

  2. The painting of people in urban areas is far from unique, a very popular subject for many artists. This artist has exceptional technical skill, showing both movement and stillness of the individuals concerned . However not many artists can capture the emotion shown in this painting. Interestingly you are made aware of the main message being the thoughtfulness of these individuals before reading the title. This is an exceptional skill!
    The initial emotion on viewing the painting is that of sadness, the lack of colour adds to this. People moving within the busy city alone, isolated by their thoughts problems and decisions, almost unaware and somehow separated from their surroundings.
    The sad and slightly depressing feeling on first viewing changes into intrigue as you begin to wonder what these people are thinking and what decisions they are having to make. This painting has hidden depths. The longer I view it the more I love it!

  3. Thank you for your submission. So I am guessing that you took two pictures and then used them to composed your oil painting!
    I noticed the figure in the white jacket immediately. Your painting has three lines of exit for the viewers eye: to the upper left, the upper right before the black portion and on the right side about one third up from the bottom by way of the wide white stroke of paint. The central posts in the painting have a dramatic contrast of tone. One can choose to create a confrontational art work with unusual balance; that is the eye travels around and around the work. This is a device that can be very powerful. I look forward to seeing more of your art work.

  4. : Besides Technique; the emergence of the concept is novel and innovative; materials are important bur making that concepts work as an art is a challenge which Lesley has performed very well.
    I feel how artists’ are silently observing mute vibrations of the people and society around.; Exist and Entry; two points Juxtaposed; ; each figure participate without identity but distinct in their dilemma ; Lesley has done unique expressionist experiment ; perhaps without colors bur very outstanding the play of shadows without any definite background and unidentified figures revealing energy through static but moving among lonely wilderness; ” To Be Or Not To Be?….Where are we moving ; what is our destination?” Lesley has marveled the are of painting on canvas. He is one of the best.

  5. Knowing the location well as I do, adds an interesting dimension to my viewing of this work. It speaks not only of the inter-relational space between the figures but of the structural architecture of Zurich Bahnhof itself as a transitory space and a silent witness of individual and societal journeys through time as well of Time itself. Stationary yet driven by relentless momentum, the powerful visual narrative here reads of poignant anonymity and isolation in a very communal commonplace act. The ‘still’ photographic element distilled onto canvas offers an orginal kind of portraiture that simultaneously renders the ‘individual’ as an immense interior lansdcape where the emotional facets of individual dreams and intent combine in shared public solitude, evoking a rather breathtaking simplicity. Beautiful work and very memorable.

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