Deep by Frederick Gagne

This painting is from the latest series of paintings inspired by the industrial architecture and urban infrastructure. A work in progress about the travel, time and space ordered by graphic and pictorial rhythms between foregrounds and backgrounds atmosphere. Always from photo-reports, the paintings are created in a moving visual environment. original


Title of work DEEP

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 100cm X 100cm

Style :Expressionism graphic
Technique, Medium & material used acryl, spay, silk paper, pencil on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) march 2013

4 Comments on “Deep by Frederick Gagne”

  1. Thanks so much for your submission and for providing your website. It is clear to me that you have developed and authentic art language while developing your art works about industrial architecture and urban infrastructure!
    I see this within the way you articulate the forms, how you use the light and shadow, the use of dripped paint and the upward sweep of rhythm! In this artwork I love the central veil that drips towards the bottom of the canvas. This is a perfect move to keep the viewers eye from sweeping upward too quickly and leaving the canvas. On your website I noticed more blue in this work or is that another art work! In any case, you are to be congratulated on this powerful and commanding composition. I hope to see more of your art works!

  2. The structural elements of this work come together very well. Not only giving the impression of tremendous pressures but also pulling the elements into an illusory depth which maintains the interest of the viewer. Light values and colors work well together to maintain a flow through the work. This work is very well executed in a manner that is expressive and expert in technique. Thank you for entering this image.

  3. : In all the submission this is the Best; it is the painting of the Time; Trend apart but highly skilled perception combined with knowledge and imagination; giving the creative energy flow from top to bottom and fill the entire being of the artist. What a beautiful painting with pencil and acrylic combined on canvas; the use of sill paper brings delicacy in this hard perception; see the architectural vision of the artist and his sensitivity of the surrounding.
    It id rare and only among few who could go into the depth with perception and depth of sub conscious combined. Highly Bravo,

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