Edge of a meadow with a terrace by Vered Terry

i finished painting this meadow edge today

website: http://veredterry.wordpress.com/

Title of work Edge of a meadow with a terrace, August 2013
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 50X70

Style: Realism
Technique, Medium & material used Oil painting on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) August12, 2013

3 Comments on “Edge of a meadow with a terrace by Vered Terry”

  1. This is an excellent composition in all ways! You are exceptionally skilled in working with oils; keeping your colors mixed from the same group of colors, controlling the brush work and laying out the composition to realize the perspective, balance and rhythm in the art work. I was not sure if the size was cm or inches! Also did you mean for the terrace to be a metaphor for the land in the background. It is a pleasure to view your art work again and thank you for your submission.

  2. , Brilliant; though the subject not that novel. Vered has excelled in art that is accomplished by very high dexterity; well experienced artist in the field. It reminds of Classical period painting; not comparing with any known Realism or Impressionism artists of that era but certainly those who love that period and appreciate would highly welcome the work even looking at market.
    The colors are fantastic; the composition is compact and within the boundaries of the totality. The Depth and the horizon are distinct; we; the onlookers are amazed standing at the edge. The grass, the terrace, the plateau; the space filled with pinkish sky; the time stands still but Silence predominates. Bravo.

  3. Terry’s natural technical accomplishment here is, as ever, clear as day and is always an absolute pleasure to view. Simplicity and dexterity here combine to offer a compelling emotively evocative landscape in the real sense of the word. Lovely stuff.

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