Europa by Luis Abreux

5 Comments on “Europa by Luis Abreux”

  1. Europa is a complex work of art with its many layers and particularly the upside down faces that are in juxtaposition to the upright faces. There is more than one symbol; hot air balloon, bird and other images which lend themselves to the idea of flight. The wine bottle, the line drawings of cartoon faces, the jesters hat, the symbolic faces and the dark toned lines of action all at once bring the idea of multitudes of various cultures. Thanks so much for your submission.

  2. : Europe is highly complex painting; if untitled it would led to different interpretation. any painting should stand alone; the prominence of woman figure with closed eyes ; as if dreaming conveys perplexity and chaotic condition; It is difficult to estimate that the painting depicts multi cultures .
    But over all the painter should be congratulated for handling very difficult concept; the various movements add to the vibrancy and flow of energy

  3. There is something of a Cobra signature to the structural complexity of this piece, which to this viewer feels aspirational rather than integral to itself. I am not totally convinced it achieves its ambition. For as long as I have looked at this work, it still feels as if it is finding its feet rather than speaking from solid ground. It feels overly organic and as such pictorially stifled by its own complexity and has not quite found its own storyline.

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