Flying angels by Antonino Gambino

Homage to circus, one of the oldest professions in the world, particularly the Aerialists who perform the exercises very dangerous vaulting into the void, fun of us children, today almost forgotten.

Title of work Flying angels
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 120 x 90 x 1 cm

Style: Expressionism and realism
Technique, Medium & material used wood inlay

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) April 2012

5 Comments on “Flying angels by Antonino Gambino”

  1. Your technique and skill in working with wood inlay is truly amazing! Thank you for your submission. I like the yellowish bands which provide rhythm and balance to this art work. Also the transparency of the Aerialists gives a real sense of motion. There is a pleasing rhythm to this composition as the eye enters at the bottom. The missing toe of the Aerialist on the right side gives the viewer immediate access to the art work and the feeling of being right there at this performance! The angles of the bodies create authentic motion and the arms and white bar of the performer on the left allow the viewers eye to leave the art work with a sense of swinging!

  2. Antonio! I wrote a comment but it does not seem to be coming up so I will do another. I wish to say that I appreciate the specialized, refined skill you have in working with wood inlay! This composition is very powerful. I love the yellowish bands that lead us through the work. Also that the Aeralists are transparent gives a real sense of motion to the work. This art work is easily access because the band of yellow runs off the bottom edge and the performers toe is just out of the picture, giving the viewer the feeling of being right there! There is a wonderful rhythm carried through the work and we are brought out of the work by the arms and white bar of the performer on the right! Really Excellent!

  3. : This the wood cut inlay for fun and play; only the use of material is novel and needs to be more used. The Circus conveys many things and particularly the motion in the air ; with life in the hand and the balance in the confidence. It is more a symbolic to me then depiction of the are of swinging. It is to keep others in good mood you plunge with all risk; may be the lively hood compels person to undertake such risky job; for others it is momentary pleasure and fun; for the performer each act is first and last; but that is how the whole work swings!

  4. A lovely, deftful homage to both artistic skills; the art of acrobatics and the acrobatics of art. Complimenti. Molto bello.

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