Herminia Haro Guzman 1

This piece recreates my view of the woman of pre and inca culture. Even though history didn’t mention the importance of her role, some new evidences like the “Dama de Cao” discovery shows the important role of women in Peruvian Ancient Cultures.

Website: http://herminiaharo.wix.com/artsandcrafts.

Title of work “Queen”
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 38 cms tall

Style: Abstract realism.
Technique, Medium & material used Handmade piece of ceramic, made with texturing red clay and manganese oxide. Burned.

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) August 2013

4 Comments on “Herminia Haro Guzman 1”

  1. Thanks so much for your submission and I really appreciate the presentation with three views. This symbolic sculpture is very interesting in the context of your explanation. I appreciate the skill you have in working with this material and the sensitivity of your intention to honor the women of the pre and Inca culture. I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

  2. The shape of the base is beautiful and certainly the work reflects your mastery of the medium. The black glaze dominates and I wish I knew what the symbols coming from opposing directions represent. The piece gives me the sense that females were revered in some aspects of the culture. I find the glaze on the center image most appealing and complimentary to the overall impression of the piece.

  3. She is a missionary artist bound to an ancient art ; particularly ceramics; she has her own art and consistently work with utmost diligence. her every art is addition to unique collection; the Museum piece.

  4. A very fetching homage to women. Statuesque, silent, still. a chess piece, an ornament, a vessel. a testament of history, a custodian of life love and the iconic emblem of ritual. Something deeply ironic in the materiality too, handmade… textured, clay and burned. Says it all really. A brave piece in today’s world so ambiguous about violence against women.

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