Jus Dont Turn It on by JP Canale

This piece tells a story of a kid who was sent to bed with out being allowed to turn on his TV, Computer, I-phone etc, or any of the new technological dis-tractors from the imagination. (Lower left). So the surreal images that are born in his head, depict the world he had to imagine in order to, again, be distracted. Where a Micky Mouse image wearing Cantinflas´s (Latin comedian) mustache, devour the scene. Original piece .

Title of work Just Dont Turn It On
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 40*30 inch

Style: Pop Surrealism
Technique, Medium & material used Oil on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2013

6 Comments on “Jus Dont Turn It on by JP Canale”

  1. This certainly is an imaginative concept – a Mickey Mouse devouring the image. You handle the medium with great technical skill and your composition is supported with an interesting placement of colors with an imaginative array of animations. I am looking for a rhythm or flow that draws me through the image and holds me within the work. The overall work has an eye catching impact but I would like to suggest you could take this work further with some variation in the back ground and some variation in the strength of the colors throughout the composition. Overall this is a good work and I look forward to seeing more.

  2. I am impressed with the skill you have in oil painting! Before I read your explanation, I was getting a pop art sense with Mickey gorging on technological hype! There is no way in or out of your composition because the art work is framed in white. Although this can be problematic it can also be a device to hold the viewers eye. This is a device used often by advertisers, or on logos or by artists who want to have the viewer keep looking at the art work! You are empowered when you realize the different forms of rhythm and choose this Static Rhythm. I look forward to seeing more of your art work and thanks so much for your submission!

  3. Excellent imagination and I love the use of colour. The painting initially gives a feeling of fun and frivolity until viewed closer when the sinister, wild, wacky side becomes evident. Excellently named, the painting really does make you think What Next.

  4. : It is really a most enjoyable piece of art; painting on canvas; J P excels in Modern Realism; as Lara points out ; combination of pop art with moving visuals; cartoon type; mostly adopted now a days by the Ad maker; creative artists.
    there are several figures and objects in the mind of a kid when left alone ; away from the modern gadgets; The Mickey Mouse plays with dreams with several perspectives ; all at a time; how fast his mind works! Again a realism of modern day living.
    It is one of the best work; I really enjoyed. Bravo.

  5. Very clever. Koons might be wise to take note of the shadows. Will be keeping an eye out for your work. An exciting bit of artistry going on here.

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