Thanks to you all by Alejandro Arbinaga

thanks to you all : thanks my dear friend Surojit for the invitation : a collaborative ancient work from Huelva (Spain) : with love for paintings : a piece of my ARBianaGa’s Collection : a fragment … at my Fragmentation Serie of Digitalized Painting

4 Comments on “Thanks to you all by Alejandro Arbinaga”

  1. Thanks so much for this submission Alejandro. You mention that this is a collaboration and so I would love to know who else worked on this. Also from your description I dont really know if this is a complete art work or just a section. You mention that this is ancient work but I think you may have meant that it is a depiction of ancient work. Also we need to have the date of the art work and the dimensions. All that being said, I do appreciate the texture and colors of this submission and I hope you will submit in the future!

  2. Thank you for exhibiting this work. It has an organic feel and I get the impression that I am viewing an internal segment of a natural object. The digitalized presentation has the feel of watercolor where colors flow on a dampened paper. This application reveals a rhythm and harmony within the piece. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. I am concerned with the quality of the image on this entry. It’s properties indicate a very limited number of pixels. Presentation is very important. It is very difficult to score a poor quality image.

  4. This lack of quality should not even have made it to selection. Please be more dsicerning in submitting work should you do so in the future Alejandro. I could do nothing with this very poor quality snippet of whatever the work is supposed to be, so it was not marked and I cannot comment on it at all.

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