The death card by Michelle Thomann Ramirez

This piece is number 13 in the tarot series representing the Death card for me it is a spiritual and research oriented piece to be used as a whole deck when completed. original one of a kind until deck of 78 are completed. Prints will be available in the spring.


Title of work Death
Size of work ( either cm or inches) 18×24

Style expressionism spiritual
Technique, Medium & material used watercolor

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 8-5-2013

3 Comments on “The death card by Michelle Thomann Ramirez”

  1. I really appreciate the scope of your project and want to wish you well with this! I would love to view the series in the future. The use of watercolor and gentle tones offers the viewer a real sense of spirituality. I encourage you to continue at a regular pace with this style of art work! The work is well balanced and although death is depicted the woman and the flowers offer a sense of renewal! Thanks so much for your submission!

  2. This is an interesting composition exhibiting a rhythm and flow. Watercolor can be a very subtle medium and often some of the brilliance of the paper is lost in a reproduction such as this image. You have maintained a brilliance in some of the colors and the overall drawing is good. I would suggest a use of stronger contrasts in light values would add more impact to an otherwise well composed piece.

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