The Dolly with the Blue hair by Stephen Kaldor

As a realist artist I paint modalities: landscapes ( both traditional and urban), portraits, figurative compositions, interiors, and even the odd surrealist painting, but every now and then I return to good old still life’s’. I have always looked at them as a musician must look at practising the scales, a means to sharpen and improve my techniques while doing something I enjoy. “The dolly with the blue hair” is a subject I set many times to my students and she was always a popular model. I have painted her a few times myself in various compositions and the current one was just completed this week.


Title of work “The Dolly With Blue Hair”

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 25 X 20 cm

Style: Realism
Technique, Medium & material used Oil on canvas

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) August 2013

3 Comments on “The Dolly with the Blue hair by Stephen Kaldor”

  1. Thank you for your submission and for including your website. Having viewed your website I can see your art language clearly in this humble still life! And I agree, it is important to do what we are asking our students to do! This composition has perfect lighting, excellent brush work, details that are executed with confidence and the colors are unified; all from a palette that is mixed without too many Extra secondary colors! Well done and I hope to see more of your art work.

  2. You certainly have mastered your technique. I can sense the different textures of the fabrics and the hat. Your colors and light values are impressive and with your technique and color sense the result should be the same regardless of the subject. Line, light, dark and color create the work regardless of the subject.
    Very well done.

  3. For all the technical prowess the image conveys little too me by way of artistic substance leaning more toward the decorative in style. I’d prefer to see deeper trust of technique and more ambitious artistry.

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