untitled52w by Nabil Mousa

Website: http://www.MousaFineArt.com

In this series, the deconstruction of the Arabic alphabet is a direct reflection of my struggle as an Arab American to find my personal identity amidst the influences of both cultures. As I pull away from the restrictions of the Arab culture to embrace personal freedom, I wrestle with feelings of guilt about betraying my heritage and the backlash from family and friends who disapprove of abandoning sacred beliefs. My work reflects the beauty and freedom found when one dares to embrace new ideas, juxtaposed against the conflict and backlash inherent in such elemental change. I deliberately chose a limited color palette for this series. This choice symbolizes my desire to break free of the intricate, complicated elements of my heritage while celebrating the beautiful elements of that culture that will always inspire me. My approach to painting the pieces in this collection has been very different from my previous methods. Instead of creating each individual piece before moving to the next, I work on multiple panels simultaneously. I line up the panels in a line, edge-to-edge. As I paint, my brushstrokes will cross several panels at a time to provide a feeling of flow and continuity. Once I’ve completed the bulk of the work, I separate the panels and fine tune each of them. The separation of the panels is a symbolic deconstruction of the alphabet that takes each character out of the collective group to exist in a simple, individual, organic state, just as I as a person and an artist have separated from the sum of my life’s experiences to find the simple freedom and joy of individuality. Original Art

Title of work Lost in Translation #52

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 24″x24″

Style: Abstract
Technique, Medium & material used Mixed media on Board

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 2012

4 Comments on “untitled52w by Nabil Mousa”

  1. Thank you for your submission. It is clear that within this gestural abstraction there are two sides at work in a struggle. The large white strokes overtake the black and yet the black is trying to push back into the scene in the upper right hand corner. It is a marvelous painting. Full of action and can depict everyones struggle for freedom. Having now read your description I encourage you to continue this art work as through your creative process magic can happen. It is a safe place to say what cannot be expressed with words. I also encourage you to continue working in series as you are doing. Lots all at once and then going back to add what you need. I really hope to see more of your art works!

  2. Your strength and determination are evident and the boldness of your work indicates that you are not at all hesitant in opening your mind to new concepts or ideas. This is a confident and beautiful depiction of your inner intent and it is undeniable that you are able to affect both cultures in a positive manner symbolically indicating the positive aspects of both cultures. I applaud you for your ability to reveal your inner knowing in this piece that understanding and free thinking breach cultural taboos while understanding that awareness and acceptance of other cultures enhance the individual creative process and it is evident that this piece is indicative of your freedom and individuality executed with great technical skill and inner significance.

  3. It is an autobiographical painting; The artist could have been a good writer. but to convey his struggle through another media is really praise worthy. The bold use of black ; his own identity; his education at USA; and the front in mixed white and other colors strongly conveys his contrast.

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