Yes by Johnny Johnston

Inside every outside we find windows and door. Whether in our own minds or when shifting through our lives from one place to another we either find a sill or threshold, ledge or stoop. Life is whatever you believe it should be and the journey either takes you into or out of this place or that, through the arches and screens or inside looking out. But in the end it is you who opens the latch or lock in life revealing all that you thought the world would give you on the inside truly waiting on the outside of those windows and doors…….

Title of work Windows and Doors

Size of work ( either cm or inches) 30″x30″

Style:: Abstract
Technique, Medium & material used Canvas and acrylic

Date work was completed (only submit work of the current year) 8/20/2013

4 Comments on “Yes by Johnny Johnston”

  1. Thanks so much for your submission and for providing your website too! This art work is so playful and yet we can find the message within each door. Some are stitched up, some are open, some are barred, and perhaps with the bottom right corner we may need to run through some drips of blue to enter! So many choices on the journey! I want to thank you for including the wide white door at the top left hand corner. It is always a relief for me when I see an uneven number of objects arranged in an uneven manner and with this you have created a really well balanced canvas. I wish to encourage you, so long as your creative process is heading in this direction, to do more of these. I love the scribbling between the doors. Your painting is a message about life and choices but done in a remarkable free art language! I look forward to seeing more of your art work.

  2. Your depiction of windows and doors indicates appositive outlook on life and a philosophy in life that sees windows and doors relative to the opportunities in life and it is evident that you have no hesitation in moving into new concepts and venues. Your colors are harmonious and combined with the patterns I feel a musical flow in the work. I sense happiness and optimism with an affinity for the value of relationship. You give a refreshing rejuvenating perspective to the viewer.

  3. What a utilization of Space? What a Philosophical outburst from within? what an artist feel inside? The painting stands alone as the painting in almost aspects. colors; architectural concepts woven into the painting; contours and curves; dimensions and balance? Another one of the Best,

  4. A nod in the wild child direction I suspect. Something of Basquiat, de Koonig, Twombly.. a gathering of the influences and rather nicely played in a checkerboard of entrances and exits, of seeing and being seen, of fame and infamy… I’d like to think you’ve taken something the Warholian eye for media and celebritydom-ness and are making it your own.

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